Former NYC Jew Mayor Michael Bloomberg May Run for Mayor of London

Daily Slave
April 7, 2015

Michael Bloomberg is a Jew and is therefore entitled to Jewish privilege.

In what is another case of Jewish privilege, we see the billionaire Jew Michael Bloomberg being asked to run for mayor of London.  Bloomberg was previously the mayor of New York City where he did such great important things like regulating the size of sodas.

How can someone be a mayor in two different cities in two different countries?  Does that not create a conflict of interest?  I guess that since he’s a Jew and has lots of shekels, the rules don’t apply to him.

Hopefully the British people will tell this Jew to take a one-way trip to Israel and ban him from entering their country.  Unfortunately this might prove difficult since the partial Jew British Prime Minister David Cameron actually wants Bloomberg to be the next London mayor.

Fox News:

A former New York City mayor is reportedly being persuaded to run next year in the London mayoral election by prominent government officials across the Atlantic.

The Sunday Times of London, citing the former mayor’s friends, reports that Michael Bloomberg is “considering” running as the Tory candidate in next year’s election in London. The city will elect Boris Johnson’s successor in May 2016.

Powerful Brits are apparently publicly backing the idea as well. Steve Hilton, a top adviser to British Prime Minister Cameron, is urging Bloomberg to run, the newspaper reported.

“It would be an incredible coup for London if Mike Bloomberg could be persuaded to run for mayor here,” Hilton said. “His kind of pragmatic, problem-solving leadership is exactly what London needs.”

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