For Equality in Science, We Have to Undermine Men’s Self-Confidence

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2018

Good luck getting women “confident” in science. If they can’t even cook a decent pig’s feet stew, how the hell are they going to do advanced chemistry? Btw ever had pig’s feet stew? It’s amazing.*

While the evil Nazis of the alt-right would argue that women are just too darn stupid to be scientists, in reality women are exactly the same as men in every way (except minor anatomical details).

This means that any lack of achievement on their part is obviously due to discrimination.

The solution, of course, is to make men’s lives a living hell in order to “equalize” things a bit.

This is known.

New York Times:

It’s no secret that men are overrepresented in certain technical disciplines. So is their self-confidence, a new study suggests.

The study, published this past week in the journal Advances in Physiology Education, found that male egos eclipse those of women among students asked to compare themselves with their classmates.

A male student with an average grade, for example, was predicted to see himself as smarter than 66 percent of his class, according to the study. A female student with the same grade was expected to see herself as smarter than only 54 percent of her class.

That difference is even more pronounced when students compare themselves with individual peers: Men were more than three times as likely as women to say they were smarter than the classmate with whom they worked most closely.

Yeah, this is obvious. It’s caused by a combination of two factors: the natural male assertiveness that comes from having more testosterone, and the Dunning Kruger effect. Basically, stupid people can’t tell that they’re stupid.

So how the hell are they going to spin this as some kind of female victimhood narrative?

The findings are particularly noteworthy given that they are based on students studying biology, one of the few scientific disciplines where women are overrepresented.

Are you kidding me?

These sluts already took over an entire field of science, and they’re still whining like little babies?

And of course, it had to be biology. I don’t know how the Jews managed this, but it had to be the most red-pilled area in all of science. I know a biology student who informed me that the entire programs are filled with hippie women who throw a hissy fit at any suggestion that the material they study could be applied to human societies.


Only women could spend their lives studying nature and still believe in fairy tales like equality and communism.

It’s not simply enough to count up the number of students in the class and say, ‘Well, we have representation of women; women’s experiences in biology are exactly the same as men,’ because what we’re seeing is they’re not,” said Sara Brownell, an assistant professor at the Arizona State University School of Life Sciences, who wrote the study with Katelyn Cooper, a graduate student at the school.

Ah, so it’s not enough to fill up these science programs with women. They also have to dominate them completely. How can this possibly be done without making the male’s experience shitty?

After asking the students to compare their own academic ability to that of their classmates, the authors then asked how the students made those assessments.

They found little difference by gender, with the two most common cited factors being who answered more questions correctly and who had a better understanding of the materials.

Those considerations, the authors said, could help efforts to close the disparity in how men and women compare themselves with their peers. For example, instructors could encourage women to participate more and answer more questions.

Maybe contributing and maybe hearing their own voices and maybe hearing other students build on their own ideas might be really important factors in enhancing how a student perceives their own ability,” Ms. Cooper said.

In other words, they want women to “speak up” in class. Obviously, if they’re not speaking now, then the people speaking are the men. So the teachers will ask a question, and when men start speaking, they’ll go “no, shut up, men, we only want to hear women’s opinions.”

Women naturally lack self confidence. You can’t change that. What you can do, however, is oppress the men in order to make them be less confident. So this whole thing is just about trying to establish “TRVE equality”  by undermining men’s self-esteem.

This is the end-goal of Jew feminism.

“Uh, these men are so confident – we need to bring them down a notch!”

Well, women – have fun when men drop out of the university system completely and society falls back into a stone-age type scenario. I’m sure you’re gonna see plenty of girl-power feminism when that happens.

Maybe the ultimate goal of feminism is actually to establish national-Conanism?

*When I speak of pig’s feet stew, I don’t mean the chink shit. I’m talking European stuff, here.

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