Footage of Jew Shia LaBeouf’s Recent Arrest

Daily Stormer
July 12, 2017

It is truly terrible that the police would treat a White American taxpayer like Shia LaBeouf this way!

His millionaire lawyers are going to sue these hateful cops!

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  1. /pol/ ruined this kike’s life :slight_smile:

  2. His life sucks because his daddy is a pedo and his mum is a kike!

  3. Dan says:

    He probably wouldn’t even make a very good lampshade…lets not even think about soap.

  4. I think what he really wants is the cop to beat him up so that he can play the victim.

    That guy is a real loon.

  5. This filthy kike liar! A fucking hebrew talmudic kike DARING to call itself WHITE! This is an outrage! Whites are White, kikes are kike, and no amount of kike wishing or kike lying is going to change that! Send this pathetic little kike-faced kike to israel or into an oven or a shower or anywhere!

  6. LaBeouf was one sip of bourbon away from calling that Black cop a “nigger”.

    But I think we can still meme him into being the leader of the global, White supremacist movement.


  7. Notice how he counts himself among the “white people” that get arrested for asking for cigarettes.
    Then tells the negro police officer that she “her president dont give a shit about you and you want to arrest white people who give a fuck about you” and in the next sentence he calls her stupid bitch and stupid fuck.

    I guess, he didn’t give so many fuck about the darkie after all.

    Alcohol and Jews don’t mix it seems. They drop their guard and show us their real kikeface and what they really think and that is always bad for the Jew…

  8. 1950s america white picket fences!!!
    He wishes he was a boomer!!!

  9. This disgusting Semitic cunt dares to call himself a White Man?

    It’s almost Impossible for me to enjoy a movie or TV. I hate seeing their Jew faces, Jew noses, Jew skulls and Jew hair. They’re distinct and ugly visages and speech mannerisms are everywhere.

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