Florida: Street Chimp Goes FULL CONGO on White Hotel Owner Over Parking Spot Dispute

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

This is the reward the white man gets for being nice and patient with this nog.

The bottom line – which our ancestors knew all too well – is that you can’t reason with these savages. You can’t expect them to respond positively to politeness and other virtues that they (like all wild animals) regard as weaknesses to be exploited. All you can do is threaten to beat them, and if they start getting aggressive and uppity, to actually beat them until they remember their place.

Ah, but that would be virulent hatred for the color of the skin, wouldn’t it?

WMBF News:

A man seeking a parking spot on Memorial Day weekend attacked a Florida hotel owner.

Weeks later, police are still using surveillance footage to search for the attacker.

“People park in our spaces even though they say ‘tow away’ and everything else. And they’ll park in our private property and go to the beach,” said the hotel owner, who only identified him self as Rudy.

A man in red shirt was apparently one of those people, willing to attack Rudy so he could park wherever he wanted.

“He told me that when he comes to Hollywood, he parks wherever the F he wants to,” Rudy recalled. “I asked him very kindly if he would move.”

That’s when he said the man told him he wasn’t going anywhere.

“When I saw he was that hostile, I turned around and went to get my cell phone out of the office and to call the police,” Rudy explained.

When he went back outside, Rudy said the man was smoking a joint. The man allegedly told him that because Rudy was so nice to him, he would go ahead and leave after he finished smoking.

“So I told him, ‘You can’t smoke because I got a hotel full of people and kids here. The smell is everywhere. You can’t. You can’t do that.’” Rudy explained.

Still, it looked like he was going to leave, Rudy said.

He didn’t.

“Before I know it, he came up behind me and he sucker punched me,” Rudy said.

The man continued to beat Rudy until his female companion intervened.

The attack left him badly bruised on his throat and neck, suffering blurred vision and a possible concussion.


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  1. We are gonna see a lot more apes going FULL CONGO as we take in more ACTUAL CONGO NIGGERS.

  2. and if they start getting aggressive and uppity, to actually beat them until they remember their plac

    • criminals act violently because they know there are no consequences/don’t weigh the consequences
    • non-criminals know they will be punished (legally) for standing up to criminals
    • this creates a cyclical process; criminal behavior is never put in check, so they act more violently/aggressively.
  3. “Before I know it, he came up behind me and he sucker punched me,” Rudy said.

    It continues to amaze me that people think that turning their back to a hostile nog will not result in an attack. This is a biological axiom, it is that predictable. Only the ongoing white socialization process can account for this usurpation of their God-given instincts.

  4. Rudy is a dip shit.

    In my limited experience, black men will very, very seldom attack one on one. Especially if they see that you are not intimidated by them. They usually attack in groups of 3 or more on 1.

    They are scared shitless of being shot. If you must operate around feral blacks, carry. Simple as that.

  5. Self help Sunday
    You have to learn a combat sport.
    And you have to drill the moves you learn til it is hard wired into your brain

  6. In the 200,000 years we were separated from theses animals, we evolved far past them, THEY ARE NOT HOMO-SAPIEN, they are Homo-Erectus 2.0… HOMO-IDALTU…

    We will never be able to live in peace with these monkeys, AND THE KIKES, WHO ORIGINALLY BROUGHT THEM HERE TO BE SOLD AS SLAVES, KNOW THIS!

    They need to be shipped back to Africa where they, BY NATURE, belong!

    As for the Kikes, bear/eagle, soap/lampshade, rollercoasters, masturbation, showers, etc…


    Some people are so stupid, it takes an experience like this to wake them up… And even then, that’s no guarantee old dumbass Rudy will learn a damn thing from this.

  8. Like the 600 congo niggers that are at the Portland Maine Expo building? After sneaking into the country on the southern border ILLEGALY, stupid white liberal idiots have raised over $800,000 for the monkeys to feed and house them, so typical of niggers, they can never seem to take care of themselves can they?

  9. I think I’ve told this story on here before but it’s relevant so I’ll tell it again.

    When I was a teenager doing waiting/bartending work, my first job was at a restaurant staffed almost entirely by blacks, owned by a Greek woman. This woman DGAF about the blacks feelings, and would absolutely shit all over them when they fucked up, and was extremely quick to deduct pay from them for fuck ups etc. Some would say she was overly harsh on her employees.

    My second job was at a bar, mostly white staff but a handful of coons. Here the managers were all whites in their 30s, probably liberal af, and showed no authority and were extremely friendly to all the staff.

    One of these places I worked at, it turns out, the blacks had been stealing money from the till, and alcohol etc, for months.

    Take a guess which one…

    Bottom line is, blacks only respond to authority and force. There is absolutely no reasoning with them. Growing up in South Africa I have tons of anecdotes that prove this, but I think we’re all familiar with that on here

  10. Looking at Rudy, I’m certain that he has unironically said, “What they do in their bedrooms is their business.”

    Looks like a solid boomX’er.

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