Florida: Ocada Police Arrest Two Groids Who Murdered White Criminal Informant

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2019

Allison Mells, top, and La’Mathis Eugene Hamilton.

Snitches get stitches, folks.

Or a coffin, in this case.


A day after police charged La’Mathis Eugene Hamilton, 27, with first-degree murder in the death of Roland Henry Lanctot, they arrested Allison Mells, 53, on a charge of principal to first-degree murder.

Ocala police on Tuesday said the murder of Lanctot, 61, whose body was discovered by a relative in a densely wooded area off a busy road a few months ago, was tied to his being a key witness in a drug deal that involved Mells’ son, Kenneth Mills.

According to Ocala Police Department Detective Richard Tuck’s report, Lanctot was a confidential informant and had conducted several drug purchases under the direction of the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team, which included deals with Kenneth Mills, 31.

Lanctot was found dead in his tent in the area of Northwest Blitchton Road and Northwest 33rd Avenue the afternoon of Jan. 17 by his sister.

Tuck interviewed a person who claimed that Mells paid Hamilton to kill Lanctot. The person alleged Mells purchased a firearm and said he knew Lanctot snitched on his son. He said he became aware of Lanctot’s identity during a court procedure, reports state.