Florida Man Attempts to Set Off the Race War, Gets Arrested for Online Hate Speech

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

Florida Man is evolving and developing a racial consciousness.

If this is going to be a growing trend, then I expect it to have similar results and that’s not good.

NBC 2:

A Fort Myers man was arrested Friday for posting statements and videos inciting violence against minority groups on social media.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement received a tip that the man, who was using the alias “Paul Atreides,” was posting to sites like BitChute and Gab. BitChute is a video-sharing site, and Gab’s home page says it is a “social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online.”


The posts showed his “hatred toward several minority groups, threatened violence against those who disagreed with him and encouraged followers to start a race war,” according to FDLE.

One of his posts said, “America has done wrong not sending black people back to Africa and opening the door to multiculturalism and inclusiveness.” He also said homosexuals and Jewish people should be taken out of the country, an FDLE public information officer said.

No lie detected.

The videos showed him with weapons, while his written statements praised mass shooters, like Dylann Roof, calling them “heroes.” After the California synagogue shooting and New Zealand mosque shootings, he posted that he wished they’d killed more people, the PIO said. He wrote, “I want more of these synagogues to get shot up,” according to his arrest report.

The man, 40-year-old Joshua John Leff, is a convicted felon. Agents served a search warrant at Leff’s home Friday and found two guns, two .380 magazines, handgun holsters and ammunition.

They arrested him and booked him into the Lee County Jail on one count of sending written threats to kill and one count of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

Needless to say, having a felony on your record and then showing off your guns on the internet is not something that a galaxy-brained individual does.

That being said, it doesn’t look like there was a credible threat from this convicted felon – especially when you consider that this is Florida we’re talking about here, where having a felony is more like a badge of pride than a black spot on your record. Clearly, because he espoused right-wing views, he came under greater scrutiny and was arrested on the same trumped-up charges that the Boomerwaffen guy patrolling the border was arrested for.


I keep saying this, but honestly, if this guy wanted to overthrow the government, he should have just become a Communist instead. If he had done that and kept everything else the same, he would still be alive and shitposting on Facebook instead of Gab today.

So please…

Please, please, please.

Refrain from red-pilling low-IQ individuals or people from Florida in the future. Refer them to the local Antifa instead. And if you yourself want to go online and talk about violently overthrowing the government, consider becoming a Tactical Communist.

The benefits:

  1. Media support
  2. Financial support
  3. Greater gender ratio
  4. You get to fight cops
  5. Cops will treat you with velvet gloves
  6. You’ll get released with no charges if arrested
  7. Overwhelmingly White
  8. Free drugs
  9. No closet gays – everyone is open so you know when to watch your six

The drawbacks:

  1. Icky Commie aesthetics
  2. Slightly more Jews to deal with than in right-wing movements
  3. A convoluted ideology that doesn’t make any sense (not that you, as a low-IQ individual, would notice or care)
  4. You have to wear black in the summer
  5. Everyone reeks of B.O.
  6. That’s about it.

Being a right-winger and talking about it openly on the internet is probably the most dangerous thing that you could do right about now.

So, you know, do something, literally anything else instead.

Our mistake was thinking that someone out there was playing 4D chess for us when, in reality, we should have been the ones playin’ smart this whole dang time.

Top Comments

  1. BBF says:

    I wish I could do the Smedley Darlington Butler route…but (((scumbags))) give me the SWAMP ASS :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:

    NB4N4UK :us::uk:
  2. There are certainly even stupid people who are rapidly being awoken on JQ. The thing is, there is no guide for them on how to do something about it. So they do stupid shit and get caught. There is no JQ action plan. People would be better off figuring ways to get those maggots out of the government, bring down the financial system controlled by them, and make their media look stupid. And red pilling as many people as possible while giving them direction on intelligent resistance.

  3. How come I can’t see images in any articles?

  4. I am a simple man…if I see a title with “Florida man”, I just clickdownload-2-e1537391466663

  5. There might have been a lot of us staying home on that Tuesday, had someone informed us that 4D CHESS was code word for SUCKING JEW COCK!

  6. MYNYM says:

    Yep. Everytime I’m about to write something on the (((corporate))) web it’s like: “Nah.”

    Purity spiralling the Left is hundreds of times more effective anyway. I was just commenting on the FB of a gay teacher that got into trouble for old “sexist” comments he made, was posting that he should be replaced with diversity/a non-white anyway. Then his family, life long Dems, chimed in: “If this is the direction that the Democratic party is going then I’m leaving!”

    Lol. So simple. Accelerate them all to hell now… they wouldn’t give us a fair fight based on free speech, so don’t fight fair.

  7. If this is what people are being arrested for now days, then it’s not even safe anymore for any of us to be anywhere on the internet now… I mean, I’ve never intentionally fed-posted in my life, and I don’t even think that I’ve even fed-posted unintentionally either, however I know for a fact that I’ve made statements before which could easily be twisted and/or taken out-of-context that either Jews or NPCs would have no problem seeing me locked up in ZOG prison for eternity…

    This is going to have a noticeable effect on self-censorship- that I am certain…

  8. they really are trying to make hate speech a real thing, Its hard for me to believe this is a real story

  9. They’re just going after White people who have pro-White leanings at this point… They’ll get him like you said on the gun violation or some other simple crime… It’s like that saying about how if the cops follow anyone on the highway for a couple of hundred or so miles they will always catch the potential criminal (because no one possibly can obey all the various, tedious laws at all times and in all places, especially when laws vary from state to state, city to city, and county to county)… So everyone, literally, can easily be gotten for something if they are officially being targeted…

    Well… White Nationalists are being targeted…
    I don’t know yet about “officially” or not, but they are at least being targeted indirectly or opportunistically at the present time…

    The one thing that all these recent cases have in common with each other is that they are linking the various simple crimes that the pro-White does along with his or her past online posting history… They are just shoving that in there for good measure but also in order to normalize the fact that Crime-Think is now an actual de facto crime in America…

    My guess is that this will only intensify both in quality as well as quantity in the coming months and years… And along with the censorship that already happens now, this new agenda will produce a lot more self-censorship, and a lot more cucking on the key issues, too, as Alt-Right-adjacent personalities and people on the fence attempt to dodge the kikehammer… These two strategies are obviously related…

    The overall effect is that the momentum that White Nationalism had back between 2014-2017 is completely lost… That’s already happened now… But the goal is to completely stamp out any form of White Nationalism altogether once and for all…

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