Flip Politicians in Hot Water for Smiling Next to Sacred Holocaust Memorial

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2018

Another day, another group of people exposed for plotting to exterminate world Jewry.

What did the Jews do to incur such wrath among the gentiles?

Is Spaceballs really that bad a movie?

Times of Israel:

The vice-president of the Philippines issued a public apology on Tuesday for a photograph showing her and members of her political party posing and smiling at a German Holocaust memorial.

Leni Robredo, who was elected separately from President Rodrigo Duterte, attracted widespread criticism over the photo, which was posted on Twitter by a lawmaker from her opposition Liberal Party.

“While there was no malice in it, I take full responsibility and so I would like to apologize for whatever offense to the sensitivities of the people it caused,” she said in a statement on her website.

House of Representatives member Teddy Baguilat, who tweeted the photo of the smiling lawmakers, issued an apology for the “lapse.”

Everyone in the photograph, who were on a study trip paid for by a German foundation, “fully understands the plight experienced by Jews under the Nazis and we would be the last to disrespect their memory,” he said.

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which opened in 2005, commemorates the World War II mass murder of some six million European Jews and other persecuted groups by the German Nazi regime.


The Jews healed the world for us. Thanks to their good work, pedophile jokes are fine, depraved porn is fine and rootless cosmopolitanism is fine.

Nothing matters and everything goes.


This is where it gets serious.

Three-quarters of a century ago, the Germans exterminated 6 million pawnbrokers and loansharks in gas chambers that never existed.

That’s sad. It’s not right.

You can laugh and smile about everything else, but you must always maintain a dignified seriousness for those 6 million Semites you never met – especially when in the presence of a memorial to them.

This cosmic law doesn’t just apply to white people, but to everyone, including these Flips whose country had bugger all to do with Auschwitz or even World War II.

Because the Jews are G-d’s chosen people.

And that means their suffering is the suffering of mankind entire.

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