First Democrat Debate was Stupid, Dumb and Boring and Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

Well, we’re off to the races.

We’re in Miami, bitch.

No One Anyone Cares About was There

This was the “losers’ circle,” with only the low-level candidates performing.

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and that faggot butt guy will have their own debate separately tonight.

Andrew Yang will also be on that stage. And he hasn’t really polled well. So I guess they’re not actually admitting that this is a situation of second-stringers vs. first-stringers. But there’s no way it’s a coincidence that Bernie and Biden are in the same debate.

Hoolian Castro is Really Short

Another stupid, boring thing is that Hoolian Castro is shorter than women.

Google searches were up, up, up.

Imagine typing “how tall is Castro” instead of “Julian Castro height.” Boomer cat ladies be actin’ like they’re askin’ Jeeves.

He’s not said how tall he is. But the large mulatto homosexual Cory Booker is 6’2″, meaning Hoolian is probably about 5’3″. At least, when you consider that he’s definitely wearing the tallest shoes he can, while Booker is definitely wearing the shortest shoes he can. Castro could be as short as 5’2″.

This would make him the shortest male leader in the world if he were to win in 2020. Rody Duterte is 5’6″. And even most women are taller than Hoolian.

The Jew Media Loves Them Some Hoolian

The second takeaway is that The New York Times and others are saying that Hoolian was the top performer.

This real Mexican definitely humiliated the fake Mexican Beto, but that isn’t hard to do.

They were both speaking Spanish, lol. wtf.

It’s funny that the media is promoting him. There is certainly a reason for that.

We went from electing a guy who fought a war with Saddam Hussein to electing Barack Hussein Obama. So maybe it isn’t unlikely that America would vote for a Mexican invader to replace a guy who said he was going to deport Mexicans.

Probably not. But the exchange between Hoolian and Beto made it clear that the “apologizing white man” bit cannot work. Joe Biden has of course stopped apologizing and pivoted to talking about how he is going to lynch niggers.

That High Yella Talkin’ Over Er’rybuddy

Speaking of niggers, another uninteresting takeaway from this completely uninteresting event is that Cory Booker talked the most.

Cory Booker Looked Like He was Going to Rape Elizabeth Warren

The only partially interesting takeaway is this point at which Cory Booker looked like he was getting ready to rape Elizabeth Warren.

I really enjoyed the look of terror on her face as the large buck hovered over her menacingly.

That brought up the very interesting question: will a gaynigger rape a woman? 

We know that heteroniggers will rape men if they have to. But does it go both ways?

If this had been a real presentation, one of the moderators would have asked him about this. It is definitely the most interesting question.

Imagine the white-presenting negro Lester Holt asking:

Senator Booker, being from the hood, I know that when brothas get locked up, they often go on the down-low. The general sentiment is that “it’s not gay if you’re the man,” which for the audience I’ll clarify that this means if you are the one sticking your penis into another man’s anus, it’s him that is gay, not you. Just a minute ago it looked as though you were thinking about raping Senator Warren, and I would just like to know, is it “not hetero if you’re the gay,” meaning if a gaynigger rapes a woman in her butthole?

Secondly, the confrontation between the Indian War Chieftain Warren and Booker also brought up another question: how do you scalp a bald man? Is that even possible? 

Lester could also have asked about that:

Senator Warren, Senator Booker just explained that even as a gaynigger, he would feel confident anally raping you if you stepped up to him again. What would you do if right now, this gaynigger threw you to the ground and sodomized you in front of the audience? Would you scalp him and burn his wagons? If so, are you certain you would be able to scalp a baldnigger?

If that kind of questioning was going on, we’d all be having a lot more fun, at the very least. Then they could at least defend multiculturalism: “It might not be a strength, in fact it is going to destroy civilization and possibly result in the end of all life on earth, but it sure is lulzy, lol.”

Top Comments

  1. After a long and arduous deliberation, during which I consulted many tomes on everything ranging from relationship advice books to the Kama Surtra, I have concluded that it would in fact NOT be hetero if Cory had raped Elizabeth.

    It is my sincere regret that I could not relay the information in time to his staffers so they could inform him via his earpiece that he had the go ahead to rape her on stage. I now very much fear for his chances given the fact that he offered such an intense rape stare and failed to commit the deed.

    We all know that once you make clear your intent to be a rape based politician that you must rape in order to have any measure of success. Don’t believe me? Ask Carl of Swindon then, how about that? How’d not raping go for him?

    Hopefully in the next round of debates he steps up to the plate and delivers whether it be to Elizabeth or another candidate.

  2. Yang threw a little jab at Hoolian on Twitter lol.

    There was also a ton of talk even on conservative Twitter about how all bizarre all the candidates were besides Tulsi, and, interestingly enough, she was given the least amount of screen-time.
    Even McCain’s leftover tumor tweeted about it, before taking it down.

    Her sister used Tulsi’s twitter page to accuse the MSM of favoring Warren and to attack the warhawks.

    Seems like social media and Google analytics show that, when given a side-by-side comparison, even the Democratic base supports candidates like Gabbard over the other clowns. I’m willing to bet the Jews pull a Bernie and make sure the chosen ones survive, lest the voters get any ideas.

  3. I’m watching it now. Beto suddenly busting into beanerspeak was hilarious. Poor Tulsi, she’s the Jim Webb of this debate.


    Hahahah they’re all speaking Spanish now. This is not a serious country.

  5. Tulsi is the best candidate the democrats have, ideally.
    She has the potential to do the best in a debate with Trump because she is the most immune to Trump’s best weapon which is stylistically and humorously denigrating the opponent. Attempting to do this to a war veteran and a very poised and mannered female like Tulsi would come across as bad optics and would make Trump look unhinged. Whereas, in contrast, against Biden the memes make themselves.

  6. “You know who’s protecting al-Qaeda right now is Saudi Arabia”

    That’s mah gurl

  7. Wow, what a collection of faggots, buffoons and fag-hags. SMDH…we need to vote one of these losers in. Collapse will happen before the next election. Probably by the mid terms. Looking forward to this.

  8. One can even feel it on this debate stage that the moment Tulsi mentions her military service while still being an active major and her foreign policy that the rest of the other candidates get very quiet and unnerved.

    I would assume no one else on that stage has been deployed into combat.
    So they all know to keep their mouths shut in this regard and when the unknown white guy potato head went up against her concerning terrorists in Afghanistan…he got owned…and his ball sack drew up into his throat.
    They all know that if they did not put their own lives on the line in combat that they cannot challenge someone who has out of fear, embarrassment or pissing off veterans by attacking the soldier who knows from a soldier’s perspective.

    In later debates, I am sure the more senior politicians will equate Tulsi’s anti-war stance as being anti-Israel and that will be a tenuous line for Tulsi to walk.

  9. I left the US in 2005. After selling all my real estate properties at the height of the market before they lost fifty percent of their value over the following seven years.

    I’ll be damned if I let the Jews fuck up my financial shit so blatantly without a fight.

    So I moved to the only western nation that does not operate every year with a financial spending debt and in the red, does not have a national debt and is the most cash rich in the world.

  10. One wonders why they stuck Warren with the B team. She gave motive for her lying about being an indian because she’s a poor woman who couldn’t afford college. Meanwhile her four brothers had to join the military.

    Much talk of climate chamge sexism and racism. Tonight should be better.

    “My plan will cause the most suffering among white people. I have a 20 year record of sticking it to whitey that far surpasses any of my opponents.”

    “Trump only gave a half hearted condemnation of whites who were attacked by a mob for daring to exercise their 1st amendment right to protest the destruction of their heritage. Truely despicable and not who we are.”

    “My colleague, Joe, once attempted to defend whitey 30 years ago, can you trust this man?”

    “A vote for me will ensure 4 more years of sticking it to whitey.”

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