Finland Training Kids to Rat Out Parents Who Criticize Government on Social Media

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

Don’t feel sad about your parents, small child. They were enemies of the revolution anyway.

Wew, lads.

So we’re at that stage now.

Finnish police made this video, apparently aimed at children (they’re using animal mascots and stuff), telling them to supervise what their parents do on social media and make sure to take action if they criticize the government.

And this “action” involves ratting out their parents to the police. This is quite explicit in the video. The girl summons the “lion,” who’s wearing a police uniform, so that he can “scold” her mother.

It seems the Finnish government is feeling so threatened and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of internet shitposting that Finns are up to, that they have to enlist children to help them control it.

And, well… If you’ve ever been exposed to Finnish shitposting, you might see their point.

FUG:DDDD indeed.

This is definitely a problem, and needs to be stopped.

No, seriously, what’s wrong with these people?

There is no doubt that Finnish shitposting must be combated for the common good of humanity.

However, this weird Marxist snitching program isn’t designed to protect us against Finnish memes. It’s just meant to shield the government from criticism as it implements the treasonous agenda of mass non-White immigration to Finland.

As such, this treason must be stopped.