Finally: Jeff Session to Start Personally Deporting Tens of Thousands of Illegals

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2018


It seems that Jeff Sessions has found some time in his busy schedule of doing absolutely nothing to finally get this deportation ball rolling.

And while some critics argue that this threatens the integrity of the pet moss colony he’d been working on growing on the soles of his feet, we at the Stormer welcome this development.

As it turns out, the bottleneck in all this deportation business was always in the immigration courts, which happen to be… totally under Session’s power.

So, huh, he could have been doing this all along.

Jeff Sessions IS the law, after all. When he’s not taking his afternoon nap.


The fate of tens of thousands of immigrants’ court cases could rest in the hands of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

That’s not a metaphor. Sessions has stepped into the immigration system in an unprecedented manner: giving himself and his office the ability to review, and rewrite, cases that could set precedents for a large share of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants with pending immigration court cases, not to mention all those who are arrested and put into the deportation process in future.

He’s doing this by taking cases from the Board of Immigration Appeals — the Justice Department agency that serves as a quasi-appellate body for immigration court cases — and referring them to himself to issue a decision instead.

Okay, so what Jeff needs to do here is really simple.

Get a nice, big stamp with the word “DEPORT” on it, and start going to town on those cases.

Get some interns to get in on that stamping action.

Within a few weeks, we should have our little deportation backlog cleared out nicely.

Sessions isn’t giving lawyers much information about what he’s planning. But he’s set himself up, if he wants, to make it radically harder for immigration judges to push cases off their docket to be resolved elsewhere or paused indefinitely — and to close the best opportunity that tens of thousands of asylum seekers, including most Central Americans, have to stay in the United States. And he might be gearing up to extend his involvement even further, by giving himself the authority to review a much bigger swath of rulings issued in the immigration court system.

Most immigrants who are apprehended in the US without papers have a right to a hearing in immigration court to determine whether they can be deported and whether they qualify for some form of legal status or other relief from deportation. The same process exists for people who are caught crossing into the US but who claim to be eligible for some sort of relief, like asylum, and pass an initial screening. In both cases, only after the judge issues a final order of removal can the immigrant be deported.

No, they don’t have a right to squat.

The treasonous government has given them that privilege.

Non-citizens have no rights.

Put these people in cages already!

Immigration courts aren’t part of the judicial branch; they’re under the authority of the Department of Justice. Their judges are supposed to have some degree of independence, and some judges are certainly harsher on immigrants and asylum seekers than others. But their decisions are guided by precedent from the Board of Immigration Appeals, which is basically the appellate court of the immigration system and which also answers to the DOJ and the attorney general.

Right. Immigration courts are the domain of the executive.

So what, exactly, would prevent Sessions (or Trump, for that matter) from simply abolishing them altogether? If it’s an executive matter, than couldn’t that be done with a simple executive order? Or, if not abolishing them, then comprehensively reforming them so that each case can be processed in a few minutes, instead of hours or even days?

If the attorney general doesn’t like that precedent, he has the power to change it — by referring a case to himself after the Board of Immigration Appeals has reviewed it, issuing a new ruling, and telling the immigration courts to abide by the precedent that ruling sets in future.

Well either way, this is definitely a positive development. It should help speed up deportation proceedings significantly, and result in a much higher deportation rate in general if Session sets the right precedents.

Now, we need that wall built.

Oh, and also: right wing death squads.

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