Feds Investigating Bezos Claim That National Enquirer Jews Blackmailed Him with Nudes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

As I said in my post yesterday, this was Jew lawyers talking to Jew lawyers in the emails that Bezos posted.

So I can’t understand how National Enquirer’s Jew lawyers would be threatening something illegal in emails to Bezos’ Jew lawyers.

It certainly sounds like it was illegal, however.


With Jeff Bezos accusing American Media Inc. of attempted “extortion and blackmail,” the company’s legal troubles are just beginning.

Federal prosecutors are once again examining the conduct of American Media, or AMI for short, which owns the National Enquirer and other magazines.

Last year AMI, the company’s CEO David Pecker, and chief content officer Dylan Howard struck an immunity deal with federal prosecutors. In exchange, they cooperated in the hush money case that ensnared Michael Cohen and implicated President Trump in campaign finance violations.

The AMI deal contained standard language that said that if the company committed “any crimes” in the future, “AMI shall thereafter be subject to prosecution.”

In other words, the deal would be off.

Now Bezos is alleging that a crime has taken place. In a blockbuster blog post titled “No thank you, Mr. Pecker,” Bezos on Thursday evening accused Pecker of an “extortion and blackmail” attempt. Bezos backed up his “extortion” charge with copies of what he said were multiple emails from American Media.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York are reviewing the National Enquirer’s handling of their Bezos reporting to determine if the company may have violated last year’s deal, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN on Friday.

Yeah so, that could all blow-up pretty badly for them.

I can’t imagine that the emails Bezos posted were anything other than copy and pasted, and it was very clear threats to publish nudes without a retraction of some story about how they’re operating with a political bias with regards to their pushing of Saudi Arabia. Apparently, they have some financial deal with Saudi Arabia.

As I said, the most incredible thing about this entire story is how poorly written Jeff Bezos’ blog post was. It was truly shocking. CNN describes the post as “incredibly complicated,” but it isn’t complicated, it is just incredibly confusing.

Having read more about this situation, I have begun to understand the angle that he was coming at in attempting to implicate Donald Trump as being part of a nude photos conspiracy.

Donald Trump had supported the Enquirer’s reporting on Bezos publicly.

So what they are going to try to do with all of this is open some kind of investigation into Trump under the premise that maybe he ordered one of the intelligence agencies to hack Bezos’ phone to get his nudes.

I don’t know if that plot will work, because it is just so kooky.

But that hasn’t stopped them thus far.

More distressingly, given the way Trump has been acting for the last several weeks, I don’t know if I have any desire to keep explaining why these sorts of things are so kooky.

I’ve been fighting for Donald Trump for four years, and I’ve been left in the lurch. Not a single one of my issues is being dealt with. Trump wouldn’t even make a move to get the FCC to regulate the internet so I could continue to defend him on my .com, let alone on social media, let alone receive an income by accessing financial institutions.

And now he’s openly talking about flooding America with more immigrants than ever before and invading South America.

I appreciate what he’s done with the culture war. That was very important work, and no one else could have done it. And I have also come to accept “no policies will be made.” But if we’re going to flood the country with immigrants and start a war in South America, then this whole thing just starts looking like a complete mess.

I can still offer nominal support for Trump in light of who the alternative is, but it does become difficult to put very much energy into defending him.