Fat People are Learning This One Weird Trick to Keep Eating After Their Arms are So Fat They Can’t Lift Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2018

I sense a great Black Mirror episode coming from this.

A fat Chinaman is stuck in bed and a robot chest-arm won’t stop stuffing food into his face while he is forced to watch gay porno.

The twist will be that it was an illusion and really the fat Chinaman stuffing himself to death with a robot chest-arm is stuck in a virtual simulation as punishment in a future society where he was using his smartphone too much during meals so his son committed suicide and it was all recorded by a microchip brain implant that also recorded him masturbating.

The Verge:

For those celebrating Thanksgiving today, at some point there will come a time where you is simply too full to move. At this point, the sensible action is to sleep it off before rising later in the day, groggy and disorientated, for a second gorging. But what if technology could help? What if, instead of succumbing to your turkey stupor, some sort of chest-mounted robot arm could lob sweet treats into your open mouth? What a world that would be.

We’ve not reached this gravy-soaked utopia yet, but researchers from Australia and India have taken us one step closer with “Arm-A-Dine” — a robot arm worn in the middle of the chest that picks food up off the table and conveys it to you or your dining partner’s mouth.

The intention isn’t to stuff you till you explode, though: Arm-A-Dine is actually a prototype designed to augment the social experience of eating. In a research paper from the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT University in Australia and the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design, researchers explain how most food tech is focused on the preparation of food and not the eating experience.

In a world where researchers warn about a “loneliness epidemic” and many meals are taken with smartphone in hand, Arm-A-Dine is supposed to remind us that eating is a social event.

The Verge is really doing a great service to the world by giving them a comprehensive view of the future world that technology will create, while remembering to work to shut down websites that might give people an alternative view, such as the Daily Stormer and Alex Jones.

If a company using technology to promote the idea that technology is self-regulating and self-developing uses influence to shut down other social influencers who have a different view of technology by colluding with other technology companies to deny services to them by engineering a false public perception and then that view of technology leads to an Orwellian control grid based on a manufactured reality which is allegedly run by unguided technological development but is actually designed by a conspiracy of technology companies, that isn’t so much like a Black Mirror episode as it is like a free market capitalism something something something if you don’t like it start your own internet.