Fat Negress Whines E-Sports are Racist

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2018

Blacks can’t into keyboards and mice.

Blacks have learned from the Jews that whenever White people have something nice for themselves, they can take it from them simply by whining loudly about racism.

They did this with professional sports, which used to be reserved for White people. Now sports like the NFL exclusively feature monkeys jumping around, hollering and displaying how much they hate America.

Who the hell is interested in this nonsense?

So now, the White youth have largely lost interest in sports and are now instead focused on competitive video games, a field in which Blacks are basically nonexistent.

Naturally, this could only be because of racism.

The Undefeated:

The professionalization of sports changed the math for millions of young African-Americans, both male and female, providing careers, scholarships and a pathway to fame and further fortune.

Yeah, the only way these nignogs can ever get into universities is by playing ball, lol. Not exactly something to be proud of.

Ah jus got my PhD in BALLIN, nigga.

Now esports is quickly rising to become the next iteration of big-stakes competitive play. Boasting a digital-first, broadly global audience, the esports marketplace raked in $696 million in 2017, with projected revenues to exceed $1 billion by 2020.

Could this be the next source of gibs? After all, Whites are quickly growing tired of monkeyball, what with Blacks ruining it with their anti-American antics.

But within the esports juggernaut, there is a pronounced and growing racial gap in the player pools. African-American representation on the major teams and in the highest-profile events is abysmal. There are high-profile players of color, such as Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black and Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, but why are there so few other black players making it to the top of the various leagues?

The answer may lie in the foundations of esports — the actual video games many of us played growing up. PC games, such as Dota, League of Legends, StarCraft and Counter-Strike, grew into their own ecosystems. Over time, spectators gathered, communities grew and funding started to flow. But for console games such as Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros., Halo and Street Fighter, the communities grew but the same funding and opportunities didn’t materialize. As esports matures, one thing has become crystal clear: The PC/console divide has inadvertently become a racial divide, with white and Asian players featured most heavily on the PC side and African-American and Latino players on the other.

Yeah, no one is interested in seeing others compete in slow-paced games with a low skill-ceiling like Halo or Call of Duty. Mice and keyboards allow far more precise control over games, which results in more complex and competitive ecosystems.

Yeah try doing that shit with a controller or a touch screen.

Moreover, White people have PCs in their homes for work-related reasons, doing their taxes, and so on. So White kids grow up used to PCs.

My parents couldn’t afford to buy us game consoles when I was a kid, but we had a PC – again, for work reasons. So I played free shareware games as a kid, and grew up with this stuff in my teens.

Oh, sweet nostalgia.

Most Blacks definitely didn’t have a PC growing up. Because Blacks don’t have jobs, don’t do taxes, and aren’t smart enough to operate an actual computer that doesn’t have a touchscreen and big icons.

So yeah, that’s your “racial divide” right there.

Betsy DiSalvo, a researcher at Georgia Tech, began trying to identify these trends with her first-year computer science students after noticing low African-American participation. Her research, which eventually became the Glitch Game Testers program in partnership with Morehouse College, revealed some fascinating dynamics about African-American men and preferred modes of play:

They use fewer “cheats and mods” because doing so requires high agency. I remember using a hex editor as a kid to edit my save files – I doubt nignogs would do the same.

But yeah, overall, Blacks just play games to have fun. They don’t get the cerebral obsession with them that Whites get.

Blacks go for console games because they tend to be simpler to understand and generally more accessible. I mean, compare some of these games I played as a kid with what was on consoles like the SNES and Sega Genesis:

Tie Fighter: this had a whoooole lot of buttons and complex objectives.

Red Alert ftw.

Masters of Orion: really tickles your autism.

I won’t disclose how much time I spent on Heroes of Might and Magic 2…

The point is, PC gaming was always tailored more to cerebral White people than the general public. There were simple platformers, of course, but they weren’t as popular as the RPGs, strategy games, simulators and fast-paced first-person shooters.

Those are the genres that fueled the rise of the pro-gaming scene (excluding RPGs, obviously).

And now, the Blacks are whining that they can’t make money playing Mario games competitively or some shit. Well, guess what: no one is willing to pay money to see Black people playing Mario or Halo.

I mean, I would probably pay to see Black guys playing horror games in VR, I guess…

This bitch isn’t arguing that Blacks should go into PC gaming. She’s saying they should be paid to play console games, somehow. Because, of course, the PC gaming sphere is racist and doesn’t welcome negroes.

I guess the federal government is going to have to set up a pro-gaming league for Blacks?

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