Fat Jew Lena Dunham Getting Sued Over Rape Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2014

Research has shown that the overwhelming majority of men - including basement dwellers - would not even watch a video of the fat Jew Lena Dunham having sex for less than exactly six million.
Research has shown that the overwhelming majority of men – including basement dwellers – would not even watch a video of the fat Jew Lena Dunham having sex for less than exactly six million.

Though scientific research has proved that the majority of males begin to contemplate suicide when they see images of Lena Dunham nude on her sick HBO show, the Jew cow had the nerve to moo about being raped in her newest book.

What’s more, instead of just making up a guy to claim rape against, the silly sow instead accused a real person she knew, and apparently included his first name in the book!  Ha!  So much for superior Jew intelligence – those extra IQ points they claim to have must only be good for tabulating interest rates!

The guy she accused is now rightfully suing her.


The man identified as “Barry One” in a Breitbart News investigation debunking Lena Dunham’s story of being raped in college by a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry, has made his first official statement since the release of that report. Through his attorney, identified as Aaron Minc, Barry One has set up a legal fund to cover current legal expenses, clear his name, and to potentially file suit against Ms. Dunham.

The proceeds from the legal fund will be used only to cover Barry One’s legal expenses. If there are any leftover monies, those will be donated to non-profit organizations that aid sexual assault victims.

For more than two months, and to no avail, Barry One has asked Dunham (through her representatives) to clear his name. Obviously, she has refused.

“All proceeds will be spent by Barry on legal costs and related fees associated with defending Barry’s reputation,” the statement reads, “including, but not limited to, potentially pursuing Lena Dunham and Penguin Random House for harm caused to Barry’s reputation from the publication and sale of Ms. Dunham’s memoir.”

The statement adds that due to numerous details in Dunham’s memoir that falsely point to him as her rapist, “Barry has already spent a substantial portion of his savings on legal fees because of the actions (and inactions) of Ms. Dunham and Penguin Random House.”

The statement makes it apparent that Barry One has already racked up at least two months worth of legal fees. Through his attorney, Barry One has been in contact with Dunham’s representatives since October 6. “Despite multiple requests,” the statement says, “Lena Dunham has not issued any sort of statement clearing Barry’s name and clarifying the confusion that is happening.”

There are reports Dunham was paid as much as $3.7 million from Random House.

In other news, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin is in the process of filing a lawsuit against Breitbart news over their policy of auto-playing embedded video, which he claims has “ruined his entire existence and crushed his soul.”

The extremist newspaper man claims that he cannot afford a very powerful laptop, and that the one he uses can only barely handle the number of tabs he keeps open in Firefox.  When he opens a Breitbart tab, the embed begins playing loudly while freezing his browser so that he can’t close it.

“I simply cannot grasp why anyone, in this modern internet age, would possibly believe that autoplay embeds are anything other than despised by the entire world, or why a news outlet would seek to punish its own readers in such a brutal fashion.” Anglin said.

He added that Breitbart embeds “always suck anyway” and “don’t do anything but read the article, which I am well capable of doing myself.”

Anglin is seeking exactly six million in damages.

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