Fat Congressman DESTROYS Looming Jewish Fiend Laura Loomer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2018

The looming Jew female Laura Loomer, known for allegedly raping Lauren Southern, tried to interrupt the congressional hearing of Twitter’s @jack and Facebook’s @jew, and was shut down by an auctioneer, Congressman Billy Long.

It’s a very funny clip.

I of course actually do agree with Loomer – these companies have to be regulated.

But this bitch just has to make everything about herself. She and her Jew boss Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media have attempted to corporatize legitimate political dissent by turning it into a circus show.

This hearing was not about Laura Loomer.

It was about Alex Jones.

And the Big Guy did get a chance to confront @jack.


As we reported yesterday, Jones has completely taken over Washington, DC, and is forcing the entire city to submit to his will.

He went on a rampage, attacking absolutely everyone in that corrupt cesspit other than Donald Trump – our only ally.

He confronted the gay Cuban bath-houser Marco Rubio. This queer sonovabitch pretended to be going to a hearing about ALEX JONES without knowing who Alex Jones is.

And he went right for the throat of the CNN shill fake news policeman Oliver Darcy.

If you want to see the eyes of a rat…

Just look at this guy’s eyes, man.

That is who will ruin your life.

Alex was promptly then banned from Twitter for having complained about censorship.

These people are celebrating all of the goddamn place at having successfully fully silenced Jones from every outlet.

The Atlantic published a piece just dancing around.

From it:

After previously claiming that bans from Twitter and Facebook would only make him “stronger,” Jones saw traffic to his website plunge after the bans took effect, a sign many have taken to mean that de-platforming extremists is an effective solution for curbing their influence. Twitter is a particularly valuable platform for Jones because it allows—allowed—him access to the mainstream media, and to new customers for the web store that makes up a great deal of his revenue.

Ending free speech is a successful solution for curbing the influence of people who disagree with the mainstream media. 

That sums up what is happening here: the media is literally involved in a conspiracy to silence any and all independent voices – while at the SAME TIME claiming that Donald Trump is “attacking the First Amendment” by saying that they lie.

How can they be this bold? 

I hope Alex Jones just stays in DC and holds press conferences in the lobby of the Congressional building every single day.

He can just film his show from there. Every day. Until we get regulations protecting our speech.

Here is the full hearing.

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