Fat Black Sow Caught Stealing from Elderly White Woman’s Purse in Her Own Home

Daily Mail
February 24, 2015

Mrs Nicholson was said to be ‘devastated’ by the theft and would have given the thieving Black hussy the money if she had asked her for it.


This is the shocking moment a callous teenage carer was caught on camera stealing from a vulnerable pensioner’s purse.

Sheryvone Brooks was filmed reaching into a kitchen drawer at 85-year-old Evelyn Nicholson’s house in Stourbridge, Dudley.

The 19-year-old’s actions were caught on a camera installed by Mrs Nicholson’s family who had noticed money going missing from the elderly woman’s home.

Brooks, who worked for Gateway Health and Social Care Dudley, was found guilty of theft at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

The fat Black cow Sheryvone Brooks was filmed taking £30 out of Mrs Nicholson’s purse after the elderly woman’s family installed a camera when they noticed money going missing from her home.


In the video, the teenager is seen sitting in a chair in Mrs Nicholson’s kitchen talking to another carer.

She is filmed opening the drawer then looking around the room to see if anyone is watching her.

The teenager then stood up, covering the brown leather purse with her body while she took out £30.

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