Fashwave Friday: World Tour

Colonel Gunter Brumm
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2016

This week we take a peak at the latest in Advanced Fascist Music Technology. By using the powers of Fashwave we will fold space together and travel to the far away Fascist destinations of NYC, Miami, Japan and Germania.

So buckle your seatbelts, faggots.

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Nightrider NYC


Note how the musical textures in these tracks create an ambiance of living in NYC as an over-worked business executive carousing the night as a cocaine-riding android-crime fighter.

Check em.

Heatwave Miami


If you close your eyes and inhale slowly during any of these videos the smell of Hawaiian tropic, gun powder, tire rubber and Mojitos is overwhelming.

Electric Japan

gijapanphy ghost_5

Notice how in these tracks we are whisked into an Anime landscape drinking sake, rescuing 3D waifus, retiring replicants and leaving origami unicorns that say Daily Stormer everywhere you go.



The composers of these tracks evoke a sense of having beer and spatzel and sausages in the sunny WeltHaupstadt Germania after the purges. So drop the top on the Maybach down and take a drive past the Unter den Linden

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