Fashwave Friday: Which Side are You on, Boys?

Colonel Gunter Brumm
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2016


OK, before we start with the music a few Nazi Public Service Announcements.


Are you registered to vote?

Are you sure?


Come on people. He never asks so the task falls to Ragnar and I to chew you guys out.



Cash or a check:
Andrew Anglin
6827 N. High Street, Suite 121
Worthington, Ohio

Stormer Book Clubs

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Everyone is buzzing about Stormer Book Club and meeting people in the real world. Building Kameradshaft and Community. If you already are in a book club then well done. Now reach out to others.

If you’re not, then you’re doing exactly what the Jews want you to do, so mazeltov.

Understanding Fashwave Music

Most people love it. Some people hate it. I’d like to address the haters.

The significance of this music as opposed to other types of far-right music is that it’s dank music for memeing. Its pure mental energy, energizing without being distracting. Even the dark stuff is still uplifting. That’s really the key. It’s active but doesn’t hold your hand and walk you through a defined story that demands your attention.

It’s sonorous and motivating and has been proven to increase your eye-mouse coordination.

The other unique aspect of it is that there is such a wide variety of it so many types of emotions and mental states are activated hence increasing creative memeing power. Just ask any of our Propaganda Legions.

And Now, the Music

Be back next time for more fun and excitement!

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