Farage on Fox: No-Go Moslem Zones Across Europe

Daily Stormer
January 14, 2015

Whatever, yeah, I know Hannity is a scumbag.  But here he is listening to the straight truth from Nigel Farage on the situation of Islam in Europe.

Fox talks about this because they have to.

Anne Coulter has actually been writing some great articles.  I don’t post them, because everyone obviously hates that weird woman, but the point I am trying to make… the difference only between us and most “normal conservatives” who watch Fox News is the Jew issue, and it is better to engage these people on the levels that we agree on rather than constantly pushing the one thing we don’t agree on.

Obviously, that one thing is the biggest thing, but it is also the most likely to sound paranoid when you come right out with it, especially saying it is the biggest thing.  Better to work your way into it, but don’t simply alienate all these people.

I have tested this.

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