Fake President to Meet with US Military to Discuss Bringing Brutal Democracy to Venezuela

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

The fake president of Venezuela attempted to throw a coup by using 20-odd military traitors to capture an airbase and then civilians as human shields as they shot at cops, before realizing the revolution wouldn’t happen and going home, and this event caused his support to drop massively.

But if you thought that was the end of Juan Guaido – you were sadly mistaken.

The Venezuelan Beto will never stop. Not until he seizes control.


A representative of the Venezuelan opposition leader in the US will meet members of the Southern Command next week to discuss strategy for regime change in the Latin American country, Juan Guaido has confirmed.

鈥淭he meeting will be held on Monday,鈥 the self-proclaimed interim president said at a press conference on Tuesday. 鈥淚 understand it will be at the State Department, and our ambassador will tell us what is the result of that meeting.鈥

Over the weekend, Guaido鈥檚 鈥榚nvoy鈥 to the US, Carlos Vecchio, sent a letter addressed to US Adm. Craig S. Faller of SOUTHCOM requesting a 鈥渕eeting with a technical delegation to advance in strategic and operational planning鈥 in order to 鈥渞estore democracy鈥 in Venezuela.

Just prior to the opposition鈥檚 call for US military assistance, Faller stated that he聽鈥渓ooks forward鈥澛爐o discussing how the US can聽鈥渟upport the future role鈥澛爋f dissidents to聽鈥渞estore constitutional order.鈥

The government of Nicolas Maduro, which has long accused the US of stopping at nothing to bring about a regime change, slammed Guaido for his efforts to entice foreign troops into a breach of Venezuela鈥檚 sovereignty.

鈥淲e reject the letter by one of the coup leaders asking for military intervention in Venezuela, on behalf of a group of coup plotters who carry out terrorist activities to create confusion and destabilize our homeland,鈥澛燰ice President Delcy Rodriguez noted earlier this week.

There are only two things in this universe that will never stop: time and John Bolton’s devotion to bringing democracy and human rights to every single brown person on earth.

When John Bolton was only 4 years old, his au pair asked him: “Little Johnny, what do you want to be when you grown up?”

Little Johnny didn’t hesitate for an instant: “I want to be a democracy,” he answered.

“Little Johnny, you can’t be a democracy,”聽Amelie replied. “A democracy isn’t a person. A democracy is something that the US military brings to third world countries by bombing them.”

“Then I will bring democracy to every third world country on earth,” Little Johnny said proudly.

And the story of Donald Trump’s presidency is the story of Little Johnny growing up to do just that.