Fact-Checking Trump’s State of the Union

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2019

On Tuesday, President Trump finally gave the annual State of the Union speech, after having been blocked from doing so for several weeks by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Although Trump’s facts are generally more accurate than those of the Jewish media, several inaccurate statements were made during this speech, and in the era of fake news, it is our job to point them out and correct the record.

Claim: “In June, we mark 75 years since the start of what General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the great crusade, the allied liberation of Europe in World War II.”

The invasion of Europe was neither a crusade nor a liberation. It was an extremely expensive war of aggression provoked by Jews.

Claim: “In 2019, we also celebrate 50 years since brave young pilots flew a quarter of a million miles through space to plant the American flag on the face of the moon. Half a century later, we are joined by one of the Apollo 11 astronauts who planted that flag, Buzz Aldrin.”

The moon landing was cold war propaganda, faked in a film studio.

Claim: “Our country is vibrant.”

America is a nigger cesspit and as vibrant as it gets anywhere in the world.

Claim: “In June, I commuted Alice’s sentence — when I saw Alice’s beautiful family greet her at the prison gates, hugging and kissing and crying and laughing, I knew I did something right — Alice is here with us tonight and she is a terrific woman.”

Alice is not a terrific woman, she is a nigger crack dealer. However, it is true that Donald Trump let her out of prison, on the advisement of his Jew son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He sold the plan to Trump as something that could be touted as “bipartisan.” Well, you can surrender to Democrats on any issue and call it bipartisan.

Bill Clinton passed laws to get niggers off of the streets and Trump is letting them all out, creating a walking dead scenario.

Claim: “We have a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens. This includes our obligation to the millions of immigrants living here today, who followed the rules and respected our laws.”

We have no moral duty to create an immigration system. We have a duty to get these people the hell out of our country. We have no obligation to immigrants, because they are not Americans, and this is America. Probably those immigrants did not respect our laws either, but it doesn’t really matter if they did. They need to be rounded up and put in camps and shipped out or liquidated.

Claim: “No issue better illustrates the divide between America’s working class and America’s political class than illegal immigration. Wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards.”

Mass immigration is a scam by rich Jews to bury white people under a mountain of genetic filth. The Democrats are now solidly the party of big business, which is why all of the richest people on earth support them.

Claim: “Plans for a new physical barrier, or wall, to secure the vast areas between our ports of entry … I will get it built.”

There is no evidence that President Trump is ever going to build a wall.

Claim: “All Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before.”

Women should not be in the workplace, and the only people proud of this are women themselves. Women should be producing children, or their workplace should be a whorehouse. No workplace other than a whorehouse is made better or more proud by having women around, because they are incompetent, vicious, narcissistic slobs. People who work want fewer women in their workplace, and every new woman that shows up makes them less proud.

Claim: “Another historic trade blunder was the catastrophe known as NAFTA. … Our new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement — the U.S.M.C.A. — will replace NAFTA and deliver for American workers like they haven’t had delivered to in a long time.”

NAFTA was a total disaster, but unfortunately, USMCA is pretty much the exact same thing. It was put together by our good friend Jew Kushner, a globalist Jew Zionist working to destroy America by shilling to Donald Trump.

Claim: “In recent years we have made remarkable progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS.”

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been put into so-called “HIV and AIDS” research, or as I like to call it “GRIDS mitigation.” However, it is wrong to fight against this supposed retrovirus (that is a hoax) that was killing homosexuals, and we should have been working to make it more deadly so that all faggots would die from it.

Claim: “For example, decades ago the United States entered into a treaty with Russia in which we agreed to limit and reduce our missile capability. While we followed the agreement to the letter, Russia repeatedly violated its terms.”

The US has been violating all kinds of treaties with Russia since the fall of the USSR. They and the rest of the NATO villains have continually and monumentally violated the 1990 Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty, and lined the entire Europe with an anti-Russian invasion force. There is no evidence that Russia has been manufacturing nuclear warheads.

Claim: “Two weeks ago, the United States officially recognized the legitimate government of Venezuela, and its new interim president, Juan Guaido.”

Nicholas Maduro is the president of Venezuela, elected in an election. Juan Guaido is just some random guy the CIA picked to be the focal point of a regime change coup.

Claim: “We must never ignore the vile poison of anti-semitism, or those who spread its venomous creed. With one voice, we must confront this hatred anywhere and everywhere it occurs.”

Anti-Semitism is not a poison, but a cure for Semitism, which is a deadly virus that infects and destroys a host. Donald Trump’s administration is exhibit A for this phenomenon. Anti-Semitism should be confronted only with cheers.

Claim: “Judah says he can still remember the exact moment, nearly 75 years ago, after 10 months in a concentration camp, when he and his family were put on a train, and told they were going to another camp. Suddenly the train screeched to a very strong halt. A soldier appeared. Judah’s family braced for the worst. Then, his father cried out with joy: ‘It’s the Americans. It’s the Americans.'”

Every story about the Holocaust that Jews tell is a lie. They all sound like something out of movies because they just make them up based on movies they’ve seen, usually decades later. Judah might have just made this story up last Thursday. Most of these Jews were never even in camps, and there were no “death camps.”

Claim: “A second Holocaust survivor who is here tonight, Joshua Kaufman, was a prisoner at Dachau concentration camp.”

The Holocaust did not happen, so there was nothing to survive. If he was in a camp, he survived the starvation and typhus caused by the allied bombing campaigns. But he probably wasn’t actually in a camp, and probably wasn’t even in Europe at the time. He may never have been to Europe in his life.

Claim: “I began this evening by honoring three soldiers who fought on D-Day in the second World War.”

Traditionally, the SotU focuses on summarizing the events of the last year, but most of this speech was about Nazis and the Holocaust. Harry Truman’s 1946 SotU speech, given just four months after the war ended, did not mention Jews or any alleged Holocaust. The Holocaust was not a part of popular American culture until the 1960s.

Claim: “When American soldiers set out beneath the dark skies over the English Channel in the early hours of D-Day, 1944, they were just young men of 18 and 19, hurtling on fragile landing craft toward the most momentous battle in the history of war. They did not know if they would survive the hour. … Why did they do it? They did it for America — they did it for us.”

WWII had nothing to do with America, it was a foreign intervention. Nothing would have happened to America if we had let Hitler win. It was fought on behalf of Jews and Jewish bankers. However, a lot of Americans did die and the people who went over to fight in the war believed they were protecting someone other than Christ-killing Hebrew weasels.