Facebook Employees Argued That Donald Trump’s Posts Were Hate Speech

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2016


As we can see by the above photographic evidence, Facebook is a Jewish run enterprise.

Facebook is such a horrible company. Everything that you post on there is subject to their internal thought police. Even Donald Trump’s posts were subjected to scrutiny.

The Verge:

Some Facebook employees have argued that Donald Trump’s posts on the social network should be designated as hate speech and removed, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal said today that Trump posts calling for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States had triggered an emotional debate inside Facebook over enforcement of the company’s community standards. CEO Mark Zuckerberg ultimately ruled against deleting the posts, which he argued would amount to censorship of a political candidate, according to the Journal.

The internal arguments started after Trump began discussing Muslim immigration last December, the report said. Zuckerberg’s decision not to delete Trump’s posts, as an unspecified number of employees had called for, drew complaints from employees around the world, it said. (It reportedly also generated support for Zuckerberg’s decision.) The Journal’s report comes on the same day that Facebook said it would loosen some of its restrictions on explicit content if the post is deemed newsworthy or in the public interest.

The Jew ruler of Mark Zuckerberg was smart for not having those posts deleted.  He would of had a user revolt of major proportions.  Even still, the fact that censoring Trump’s posts was a major consideration proves that Facebook is a terrible website that people need to disengage from.