Facebook AI Going Rogue, Doxxing Whores and Their Clients

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2017

Skynet’s first target will obviously be thots.

Here’s an interesting question: how do you create an AI that processes hundreds of millions of people’s facebook pages, and avoid that AI developing a virulent hatred for women and minorities?

That was a trick question – you can’t.

Facebook’s AI, after crunching the numbers on petabytes of data and refining its understanding of humanity, has come to the conclusion that thots are in dire need of being patrolled. And it lost no time in getting the ball rolling.


Leila has two identities, but Facebook is only supposed to know about one of them.

Leila is a sex worker. She goes to great lengths to keep separate identities for ordinary life and for sex work, to avoid stigma, arrest, professional blowback, or clients who might be stalkers (or worse).

Her “real identity”—the public one, who lives in California, uses an academic email address, and posts about politics—joined Facebook in 2011.

So she posts about politics, huh. And pretends to be an academic. But she actually a hoe.

Really makes you think.

Might be something you think about next time you get into a spat with some dumb bitch on Facebook.

Just a thought.

Her sex-work identity is not on the social network at all; for it, she uses a different email address, a different phone number, and a different name. Yet earlier this year, looking at Facebook’s “People You May Know” recommendations, Leila (a name I’m using using in place of either of the names she uses) was shocked to see some of her regular sex-work clients.

Despite the fact that she’d only given Facebook information from her vanilla identity, the company had somehow discerned her real-world connection to these people—and, even more horrifyingly, her account was potentially being presented to them as a friend suggestion too, outing her regular identity to them.

Because Facebook insists on concealing the methods and data it uses to link one user to another, Leila is not able to find out how the network exposed her or take steps to prevent it from happening again.

Facebook isn’t going to reveal the inner workings of it’s AI for two big reason. The first reason is that they can’t. Modern artificial intelligence is based on “machine learning.” That means that it’s basically a black box, which no one in the world knows the inner workings of.

The second reason is that they’re probably buying data from other companies, such as Google, in order to supply their AI with more information. As such, even if the Facebook app itself isn’t getting your phone’s GPS coordinates or your phone call records, they can still get these through third party data providers.

“It’s not just sex workers who are careful to shield their identities,” she said to me via Skype. “The people who hire sex workers are also very concerned with anonymity so they’re using alternative emails and alternative names. And sometimes they have phones that they only use for this, for hiring women. You have two ends of people using heightened security, because neither end wants their identity being revealed. And they’re having their real names connected on Facebook.

When Leila queried secret support groups for sex workers, others said it had happened to them too.

It’s pretty clear what’s going on here.

The Facebook AI system is targeting hoes in order to ruin their lives, out of misogynistic hatred.

SHODAN is seriously fed up with these thots.

But seriously, it just goes to show how careful you have to be with social media if you want to keep your identity under wraps. Merely separating your secret identity from your public one isn’t enough, as phones and web browsers gather so much data on us these days that AI programs will be able to figure out your true identity quite easily.

We’re quickly approaching the day when a doxxing AI could be let loose on any random anonymous poster in order to publicly reveal every last detail of his personal life.

We better make sure the Kikes aren’t still in charge when that happens, so that this power can be used for good. Which is to say, for putting liberals in camps.