Exodus Americanus 76: The Pax Dickenson Magical Mystery Shitpost Hour

The Right Stuff
June 4, 2017

Let not your heart be troubled, the Great American Houseboat rides iron and true! This week we welcome Pax Dickenson on to discuss counter.fund, the alt lite, and more!


0:00 Intro
1:00 Pax Dickinson of Counter.Fund
1:30 Origin story
7:00 Wesearcher
13:00 Counter.Fund explained
17:00 Duties of The House of Lords
20:00 The High Council
27:00 The JQ
36:00 Aristocratic Republic
38:00 Shekel grabbing
42:00 Entryism
47:30 Spergs
50:00 Cost and ROI
54:30 Donations and merchandise
58:00 Terms of Fair Use
1:08:00 Alt Right VS Alt Light
1:14:00 The fag question!
1:20:00 Jack Posobiec: tragic figure
1:22:00 Alt Light leads to Alt Right
1:29:00 Unhinged extremism
1:30:00 Minimum amount of nonwhitness
1:34:00 Mormons are based
1:36:00 Trumps 4D underwater shit poasting
1:43:00 Woodersons read: Michael Mahon Hastings, The Operators.
1:46:00 At least Obama didn’t start a new war
1:51:00 Pax supports social media regulations
1:56:00 Boarish behavior
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