Exodus Americanus 75: Boer Posting

The Right Stuff
June 26, 2017

The Great American Houseboat takes to the high seas with distinguished guest, Simon Roche! Come one, come all, and learn what you can do to help our brethren in South Africa.

2:00 Suidlanders Simon Roche.
https://suidlanders.org/ hk@suidlanders.co.za
3:30 overview of the Suidlanders
5:30 Opinion on nationalists
10:00 Funding
12:00 Vanguard America
16:00 Prophesy
20:00 No third way
26:00 Preventing war
29:00 Being compassionate during the conflict
31:00 Fulfilling the prophesy: the Blue Stone
37:00 How it will happen
40:00 Precursor to war
45:00 white guilt
48:00 Erasing the past
49:00 Existential evil
52:00 Preparations and needs
55:00 Unifying the nationalists
58:00 Donate to the cause.
1:00:00 Deplatforming and infiltration
1:08:00 Alex Jones Gay Frogs remix.
1:10:00 Operational security
1:16:00 Keeping an eye on the future
1:19:00 Leadership is key
1:22:00 Will to power
1:24:30 When your enemy makes a mistake don’t stop them
1:29:00 Being strong and moral
1:31:00 Make your cause your priority
1:39:00 Self sacrifice
1:43:00 South Africa war
1:48:00 The sooner the better
1:56:00 People are waking up
1:59:00 Terms of Fair Use

SPECIAL ALERT! This week, Fair Use has graced us with a companion video. Find it here.

2:12:00 Boar Posting
2:15:00 prophecy of Albert Pike
2:25:00 Scifi sucks.