Exodus Americanus 73: Christopher Cantwell – Radical Exodus

The Right Stuff
June 20, 2017

A very special episode this week as we welcome Christopher Cantwell of the Radical Agenda onto the Great American Houseboat!

1:00 Christopher Cantwell


@cantwell on gab.ai

4:00 The JQ and Communism.

5:00 Degeneracy in the libertarian movement.

13:00 Libertarians pushing out the right.

18:30 Free market border security

24:00 Political violence

30:00 Porcfest and Chad Nationalism

37:00 Guns versus fitness

42:30 Dave Ridley Story

46:00 Fingernail Guy- Garret Ian.

54:00 R/K selection theory

55:00 Women in politics

1:04:30 Terms of Fair Use

1:08:30 Austin Posting

1:20:00 The jews

1:24:00 Ethnoglobalism

1:28:00 Polygamy and the numbers game

1:38:00 This machine makes fascists.

1:40:00 Chad Pissing

1:41:30 Haji Smash


1:46:00 The Russian Narrative is over

1:51:00 generational ADD 1:55 Austin is a powder keg

2:01:00 Boarish behavior

Big shoutout to our Broducer, who is back on the Houseboat.