Exodus Americanus #127: Never Shake Hands With a Man From San Francisco

Roscoe Jones
The Right Stuff
July 10, 2018

Often implicated but never incarcerated, the crew is back for another great episode!  This week Johnny Monoxide takes a brief break from recording his podcasts to cruise on the houseboat and record ours.  Everyone grab your rocks and settle in for a wild ride.  Then buy a flag.

-Little Andy Cooper Takes It Up The Pooper

-Operation Shitbirds


-Real Spoopy Nerd Hours

-Jeb Bush and The Milkshake

56-Terms Of Fair Use – Conquest

-Based Dothead In A Trump Hat


-Don’t You Be Lyin About Them Gibsmedats


-Fuck You Whoever Is Remaking Big Trouble In Little China

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