Evil Jewnited Knifedom Government Media is Shilling Against Yang

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

The sickening state-sponsored British government media did a write-up of the SXSW appearance of Andrew Yang (above – watch it).

And of course, they are shilling against him.


Political opinion surveys show that most Americans don’t know who Andrew Yang is. Those are the polls that ask about Mr Yang at all, which are few in number.

The technology entrepreneur had a small room in Austin but filled it. And, due to his moderator’s cancelled flight, he had to interview himself. That he managed to pull it off was a testament to his ease at public speaking, which if he manages to make it onto a Democratic debate stage later this year, may turn some heads. He’s developed a loyal online following and has garnered more than 57,000 individual donations – on a pace to hit the 65,000 mark that is one of the Democratic Party’s criteria for qualifying for the first debate.

His big idea: Mr Yang’s entire campaign is centred around one big idea -a universal basic income. He proposes guaranteeing every American a $1,000 monthly payment funded by a value-added tax, which he calls the “freedom dividend.” He says it is necessary to cushion the American public for the coming upheaval created by automation and artificial intelligence.

“This economy is going to go from punitive to savage very quickly,” he says. “The next downturn, the knives are going to come out.” Everyone from call centre operators to truck drivers will be on the chopping block. “There’s no magical realignment that’s going to happen,” he says. A basic income will ease the blow.

His biggest obstacle: To a man with a hammer, every problem can look like a nail. For a one-issue candidate like Mr Yang, the basic income is a salve for all ills. Climate change? A basic income would free people to focus on the environment instead of making ends meet. Small-town decay? The money would let people move back and start businesses. Mr Yang says critics who call his plan socialism get it wrong. The reality, however, is Mr Yang is never going to be elected president. His obstacle is finding a way to get enough attention to inject his income proposal into the conversation. It’s not an impossible goal.

That’s the “reality,” BBC?

Whose reality is that?


And where have I heard this before?

Let me think for a second.

Yeah, that’s right.

The big orange racist game show guy.

But he did win, because he had an army of fanatical internet memesters behind him. And he wasn’t even offering $1000/m for free.

Memes determine presidents now. There isn’t even any other relevant factor, except $1000/m.

And we’re bringing the memes.

This party hasn’t even gotten started yet. We are just warming up the meme machine.

Tucker hasn’t jumped on the Yang Yacht yet.

But he will.

He will.

We’re getting the gang back together for one more job.


There is no doubt of that now.