Evil Jew Filth Rhea Wolfson Loses Bid to Replace Hitler-Worshiper Ken Livingstone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2016


You can mark this down as yet another victory of the Stormer Troll Army.

The Jewish terrorist Rhea Wolfson who was attempting to win the seat of the fanatical Hitler-worshiper Ken Livingstone has lost the bid.

This is no doubt in part or in whole due to the Troll operation against her, which she spent days responding to on Twitter instead of working on her campaign.


It was probably also because Labour is a hardcore anti-Semitic party, which Corbyn has modeled directly after the NSDAP.

Huffington Post:

A young left-winger who hoped to replace Ken Livingstone on Labour’s ruling body has failed to win the required backing of her local party, HuffPost UK can reveal.

Rhea Wolfson, who was backed by Momentum and the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, was effectively blocked from running for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) at the meeting of her Scottish constituency party on Tuesday night.

Eastwood CLP declined to nominate Wolfson after party members felt that Momentum was too ‘factional’ and expressed concerns about “its role within the party”, local members told HuffPost.

Under party rules, anyone who fails to win their own local party’s nomination cannot stand for the NEC.

The move is a blow to hopes on the Left of the party of securing as many seats as possible on the ruling NEC, in a bid to underline Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots popularity.

At the height of Labour’s anti-semitism row, the Grassroots Alliance and Momentum dropped Livingstone as their candidate after he was suspended over remarks about Hitler and Zionists.

Wolfson, who is Jewish and a former president of Oxford University Jewish Society, was seen by her supporters as the perfect replacement for the former Mayor of London.

The hero Nazi Ken Livingstone has allied himself with Moslem immigrants in Britain because they also want to exterminate the Jews.

livingtone nazi

However, last month he had a secret meeting in Frankfurt with the Leader of the Alt-Right, Natt, wherein he was shockingly frank about what he and Corbyn are planning to do when they seize control.

From the minutes of that secret meeting:

Natt: My friend I deeply respect your public praise of Adolf Hitler, however I am rustled by your alliance with the Saracen filth.

Livingstone: Bloody [exceptive] hell mate, these [exceptive] Pakis are just a means to an [exceptive] end. The [exceptive] monkeys are helping us exterminate the [exceptive] kikes. You can mark my bloody [exceptive] phrasing right [exceptive] here and [exceptive] now mate, when the Swastika is flying over Buckingham Palace, there ain’t gonna be no more [exceptive] Pakis in the Queen’s [exceptive] England, mate.

Natt: Deportations?

Livingtone: Ha! Three words, mate: Zyklon [exceptive] B.

Natt: That’s two words and a letter.

Livingstone: I’m a [exceptive] old school geezer, mate. Fake [exceptive] showers and Zyklon [exceptive] B. End of [exceptive] story, mate. Full [exceptive] stop.