Even Pink Floyd Cover Band Won’t Play in Israel!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2018

A note from Roger to UK Pink Floyd Experience:I am aghast to see you have plans to perform in Tel Aviv, Haifa and…

Gepostet von Roger Waters am Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018

With as much as Jews hate Roger Waters, I’m surprised they even wanted to see a Pink Floyd cover band.

This is max lol.

Jerusalem Post:

UK Pink Floyd Experience, a tribute band to the British rockers, has canceled three upcoming shows in Israel after pressure from Roger Waters, the former lead singer of Pink Floyd.

On Saturday, Waters – who is a vocal BDS activist – posted on Facebook urging the cover band to cancel.

To sing my songs in front of segregated audiences in Israel, and contribute to the cultural whitewashing of the racist and apartheid government of that country, would be an act of unconscionable malice and disrespect,” Waters wrote. “The people you intend to entertain are executing their neighbor’s children, shooting them down in cold blood every day. In the name of everything human, PLEASE hear my plea and cancel today.”

I wish there was an Andrew Anglin cover website, where people wrote blog posts in my style, and I could call them up and make demands.

Roger Waters’ war against the Jews sure is epic.

I don’t really understand why he hates Trump and so on, but whatever. As long as he wants to shove kikes into gas chambers, he’s cool in my book of cool cats.

I was listening to “Animals” the other day.