European Prisons Overflowing With Jihadis, Guards About to Commit Suicide From Stress

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 30, 2018

More good news from France.


French prison Fleury-Merogis, which holds 20 female jihadist inmates and is notorious for Islamic radicalization, is “simply cracking.” The staff struggles with violence and exhaustion, a prison union representative told RT.

Wow. Twenty angry bitches are enough to make the French prison crack at the seams.

The facility for imprisoned women within the Fleury-Mérogis Prison, located just 24km from Paris, has 290 female inmates, 20 of whom the administration tagged as Islamic terrorists, or TIS.

“Due to their specific profiles [of these 20 women], all their movements must be accompanied by prison staff, but we do not have enough personnel to carry out this task properly,” the regional secretary of the Ile-de-France branch of the CGT Penitentiaries union, Ambroise Koubi, told RT France.

One significant problem is that the French intelligence services hesitate to share information with the prison administration. “We know that some were detained following terrorist acts, but we do not know under what conditions,” the official explained, noting that the staff are often not aware of what to expect from the radicalized women.

LOL. Intelligence agency plot confirmed. 

The facility is also poorly designed to hold ultra-violent captives, so the terrorist detainees at times engage in aggressive acts against personnel. “A prison officer was attacked last week by a radical inmate,” she said. Another problem, Koubi explained, is that the facility doesn’t have an isolation cell, and if incidents occur, violent inmates should be transferred to another prison.

The overworked prison staff are exhausted, and suicide attempts among those who can’t bear the workload are not rare in the facility, according to Koubi. 

Well, that’s a good sign.

Prison guards wanting to kill themselves because they just don’t want to have to deal with Moslems anymore.

The joke writes itself.

More and more I start thinking that there isn’t really an evil master plan in place here.

Well, wait. I mean, obviously, there’s a kike masterplan to destroy the White race. But the dumb liberal goy politicians clearly got caught with their pants down.

Like, how did no one foresee this? 

Europe is going to be destroyed through kike malevolence and ruling goy incompetence. I mean, really. Inviting millions of Moslems into Europe and not even having enough prisons to cope with the problem…

That’s a special level of retarded.

That’s so pants-on-the-head retarded that idk what to even say.

It’s tragicomic at this point. 

What will the Chinese historians say about our ruling elite in their history books?

We should get our shit together ASAP here fam.

I get the feeling that the situation is much worse than even we think.

They’ve just been hiding it from us.

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