Europa Weekly – Episode 10: Varg and the Legend of Viking Rock

Daily Stormer
January 21, 2017

Europa Weekly is a week-by-week report on the situation on the Old Continent, in which we discuss events, news, as well as more general topics related to Euro politics or culture. Always principled, our multicultural panel is comprised of Arminius (Germany), Pete (Norway), Barbute (Finland) and Pusher (France), not to mention a diverse and varied multitude of guests!

Started in November 2016, the show is currently in its first season, and we’re constantly working to improve the listener experience. Make Europa Great Again!

This week, we are joined by a Britbonger to discuss a variety of topics: The Greens, the NPD verdict, Spencer getting assaulted, pan-europeanism, the reaction to the inauguration and (((the media))). Additionally, Varg tells us about the British National Party and the English Defence League. A fun show as always!

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Intro: Erika
Outro: Rome – To Die Among Strangers

Germany – Arminius (@Arminius1871)
Finland – Barbute (@StuckVisor)
Norway – Pete (@SbacemanBete)
France – Pusher (@JohnHoxton1)
England – Varg (@Huscarl878)