Europa Weekly 20: The Intricacies of Debating, the Psychology of Identity

Daily Stormer
April 2, 2017

No guests, no Pete! The 3-man panel discusses broader issues this episode, as no major news broke this week. Are discussed (in no particular order) the German party know as the NPD, small political parties in French elections and scenarios for 2017, differences between Stalinism and Trotskyism, the Nazbol Question, official Finnish State-propaganda in favor of immigration and open borders, general criticism thereof, the African demographic timebomb, German Slingshot man getting SHUT DOWN, Brexit and the EU, the choice between Sovereignity and Identity, debating tactics and tips, and Amy Schumer.

Slingshot Man’s story:
Intro: Palästinalied feat. Moly
Outro: Istanpitta – Saltarello (I)