EU Votes to Demand Maduro Hand Over Control of His Country to Random Guy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

The entire planet agrees that this random guy, who some 70+% of Venezuelans had never heard of until last week, is the rightful ruler of the country.

There isn’t any reason for it, other than… because of democracy and human rights and so on and so forth.


The European Parliament voted to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela and urged EU leaders to do the same.

The resolution, voted on Thursday, called on the EU leadership to adopt “a strong, unified stance,” and recognize Guaido as the “only legitimate” interim president of the South American nation until new elections are held to “restore democracy.”

he MEPs also pledged “full support” for Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament, the National Assembly, urging the EU states to “accredit” the envoys appointed by the opposition.

The document was adopted with 439 votes to 104, with 88 MEPs abstaining.

Guaido thanked the European Parliament for the vote. “We made a big step in our fight for democracy,” he wrote on Twitter.

European Union Foreign Affairs Chief Federica Mogherini had earlier promised“full support” for the National Assembly. On Saturday, Germany, France and Spain threatened to recognize Guaido as the nation’s interim president unless the current head of state, Nicolas Maduro, declared a snap election within eight days.

The based 88 don’t want anything to do with this bullshit.

Just imagine, sitting in Europe and being asked: “so, do you think this random guy you’ve never heard of should be the president of the country and replace the party that has ruled the country for two decades?”

The correct answer is not “no,” it is “get the fuck out of here with that bullshit, you weird trickster – don’t talk to me.”

When was the last time you saw a rapid movement of the entire world like this, all of the sudden?

You can’t even say Iraq, because a lot of Europeans were very hesitant about that. They knew the intelligence was faked, and just didn’t want to get involved.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the people of Venezuela didn’t know who this guy was. I’ve heard the number 70% being thrown around, but it is probably higher than that.

Globe and Mail:

The rise of Juan Guaido from back-bench obscurity to the U.S-backed, self-declared interim president of Venezuela in just three weeks has been meteoric – and by his own recognition risky.

Few Venezuelans had even heard of the fresh-faced, 35-year-old lawmaker when he was plucked from anonymity and named as president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly in early January. The move set up a high-stakes standoff with President Nicolas Maduro, who is increasingly seen as a dictator both at home and abroad.

Luis Vicente Leon, head of the Caracas-based polling firm Datanalisis, said that Guaido was so unknown that he hadn’t even measured Guaido’s approval ratings, like he does numerous other politicians. But he plans to start doing so this week.

This is a literal CIA asset shill pulled out of nowhere to run a coup, and the entire Western world is rallying around him.

This is a machine you are seeing here. This is the face of globalism, unmasked – it is a ubiquitous system where everyone in power will automatically agree on a random thing that no one else has ever even thought about.

If I made a list of 10,000 things that I personally care about, “democracy in Venezuela” would not be on that list. In fact, nothing about Venezuela would be on that list.

Maybe “Venezuelan bitches’ asses.”

nb4 “Roosh says ass fixation is a gateway to homosexualism” – look, I’m a health and fitness guru. As such, you’re not going to get me to care more about a bitch’s tits than her ass.

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What the fuck was I just talking about before that?

Oh yeah.

Democracy in Venezuela being an immediate imperative of the entire earth all of the sudden. 

Imagine all of the “oppressive regimes” in the world. China doesn’t even have elections. I think they are freer than most countries that do have elections, certainly freer than America, but these “democracy” people are constantly on about elections. Many Middle Eastern countries don’t have elections – and it is mostly the ones that are supported by the West.

I am so tired of repeating that talking point. But seriously – how is it decided which countries need to be immediately overthrown?

Furthermore: what kind of standard are you setting when you decide that a random guy can declare himself the new president of a country, and that this is “democracy”?

This guy wasn’t elected. Maduro was elected, repeatedly. You can say “sham elections,” but you can say that about every Western country as well.

In particular, we are left to wonder about France. Trump is talking about “large protests” being an excuse for a coup, and they’re not as large as the protests in France, nor is Maduro’s approval rating as low as Macron’s.

The bottom line is this is a move to transfer the proxy war against Russia in Syria and gain a homefield advantage. Syria was much closer to Russia than it was to America.

Furthermore, the West is able to openly support the new revolutionary force, which they are calling Democratic heroes. The situation in Syria was confusing, where they claimed to be against ISIS while only supporting the allies of ISIS, some vague group of moderate terrorists.

They also avoid the Middle East fatigue of the American people by switching to South America as the focus of the proxy war. Apparently, they believe they can get support from Trump people by just saying “communism” over and over again.

I don’t know if that will actually work, but it is certainly good for shock and awe. I’m confused, so I know everyone else is.