EU to Require Americans to Get a Visa to Enter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2019

This is some kind of Orwellian background check thing. They want you to register your name so they can Google you and decide if you’re a good one or a bad one. Probably also a condemnation of Donald Trump.


Americans who want to travel to 26 European nations will have to register and receive a travel authorization before visiting, the European Commission announced today.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, Americans who want to visit a large swath of Europe — including nations from Portugal and Greece to Iceland and Norway — will have to register through a system called the European Travel Information and Authorization System no matter how long they plan to stay.

Once issued, the permit — which the commission insists is not a visa — will be good for three years. The commission had considered instituting a visa requirement for Americans, but ultimately decided against it in 2017.

The new requirements cover a zone known as the “Schengen” area where countries have abolished most of their mutual border controls as part an effort to foster European unity. It includes 22 nations in the European Union but does not include countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This doesn’t make any difference. Virtually no one can afford a European vacation now, and certainly no one will be able to in 2021.

Unless we establish the Yang Dynasty, of course. Then we’ll all be chilling in Bangkok living like kings on our Yangbux and engaging in interesting activities with the locals.

We are getting poorer at a rapid rate and Trump is planning to flood us with legal immigrants to work in invisible factories.

Doesn’t matter.

Europe is a shithole anyway and all the people there are stupid assholes who think they’re better than Americans because their countries are shittier.