Eternal Boomer Underpays His Millennials, Surprised They Don’t Show Up For Work!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2019

This Boomer was surprisingly articulate – that is if you ignore all the “fricks” and “heccs” he stick in every 2-3 words. He is, however, like all Boomers, completely wrong about everything.

A list of concepts that this Boomer (and all Boomers, everywhere) doesn’t understand:

  • Inflation
  • World War II
  • College debt
  • Supply and Demand
  • Communism
  • Trolling

This video is absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen such a walking caricature of small-mindedness and old person greed.

Some choice quotes:

“You’re going to be living in cardboard houses, while illegals live in your home.” 

“You will be ruled over by illegals.” 

“You sound like Marxists.”

“I’m 58 years old and I’m going to make a shitload of money.” 

“You people are too lazy. People my age are needed, wanted and sought-out.” 

“Kids nowadays.”

“Get off the internet.” 

This fat, fucking retard just can’t wrap his thick ham-shaped head around the fact that if you pay people shitty wages, they’re going to start taking sick days because it’s just not worth it to come in on a Saturday for $9 dollars an hour doing hard work when they could be taking it easy on the weekend.

Trying to morally shame people into working for peanuts is an interesting strategy. 

Clearly, it only works on chumps and good goys though. Normal people don’t see their Boomer employers as father figures – and they all want to be seen as sage old wisdom men – who they owe work to. When these Boomers brag to their employees (and to YouTube, apparently) about how much money they make, this doesn’t exactly inspire the troops.

But Boomers do not understand this.

They really do think that you’re impressed and get like a second-hand fulfillment high from watching them make a lot of money. It does not occur to them that a Millennial might slowly start to hate their guts the more they brag about their amazing paychecks when they start looking at their own bank account and realize that they’re literally just making ends meet at best.

It always shocks me to hear and see with my own eyes just how warped and ridiculous that generation is.

The bright side: the comments section is absolutely lit. 

And it only gets better from there. Unfortunately for him, this man is like a living, breathing caricature of a Boomer. He’s going to be absolutely inundated with righteous hate and contempt by the Internet.

Don’t forget to do your part as well. 


Update: He’s somewhat woke on the Jews, but still a fat bastard Boomer.

Top Comments

  1. Why should anyone be forced to “handle” that? Especially given that there is no more marriage or children to work for?

    Boomers didn’t “handle” that. They got jobs immediately out of high school that paid enough to support a family. Then they destroyed the entire economy, took all the money, divorced and destroyed the institution of the family so that it would never work again, then flooded the country with brown people from everywhere to ensure that no one could ever fix any of the problems they created.

    Boomers must give back the money they stole, and they must be made to pay for the destruction they have wrought on Western civilization with their absurd heathenism.

  2. Boomers are never going to understand they grew up in the most lucrative economy that has ever existed.
    You could be a basic bitch and be a millionaire by 40.

  3. This. Holy fuck, I’m so glad someone brings it back to the society. One of the main incentives to work is to provide for the community. And I don’t mean that in some Jew way, I mean that in a very real way. I have no idea who my neighbours are. I have plenty of desire for children but too much brains for marriage. Tell me again, why should my motivation be anything other than “what’s in it for me?”

    Anyone who works hard for their boss is a cuck. Anyone who cleans up the streets, is cleaning them up for the new Somali shitskins.

  4. These people are so fucking clueless and they will all die clueless.

    I knew that the 80s were dead in about November of 1988. I adapted and have continued to do so since BECAUSE I HAD TO. These dipshits get visibly angry when people refuse to pretend like it’s 1965 because they’ve never had to adapt. They got theirs and that’s all that matters.

    That boomer with a vacation home needs his SS check, fucker. You should be grateful to work for $10/hr.

  5. There have been some upsides to Millennial life though. We’re not greedy (because we’ve never had the opportunity to be so) and we all know how to survive on low incomes (because we’ve mostly never had the option to live amongst the middle classes).

    Take away this Boomer’s swank house and huge bank account and he has no idea how to build a life. We do because we’ve had to for our whole lives.

    Tell me more about who the “entitled” one is.

  6. This guy is my new favorite boomer, only someone who has reached peak boomer would find a way to blame the late 2000s crisis on Xers and millennials flipping houses instead of Jewish bankers.

  7. Here’s a personal account of how things have changed.
    In 1991 my dad bought a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in the town’s nicest neighborhood for $35k. At the time he was making $40k a year.
    Now, his house is going for around $250k, and people are still making around $40k a year.

    This is all you need to know:
    Homes and cars and college used to cost fractions of people’s yearly incomes. Now these things cost multiples of people’s yearly incomes.

  8. Boomers in 1968: Never trust anyone over 30.

    Boomers in 2019: Respect the wisdom of your elders.



  10. I’m seeing lots of talk about how the Boomers had a great economy, but they had so much more than that. They had an actual society. They had social cohesion and community on a level that is completely foreign to us.

    They got jobs at the local factory because the economy was good, sure, but also because their parents probably knew the owner or manager. They probably went to the same church or grew up together or something. Everything wasn’t so faceless, soulless, and corporate. There was a real culture.

    If the town hit hard times, the business owners would cut into their own profits, even take losses, in order to keep people employed. This is why people worked hard and had loyalty to their employers: because the employers had loyalty to them.

    Now it’s a dog-eat-dog jungle. Everything is corporatized and Judaized.

    The main reason they import Third World workers isn’t for low wages. That’s part of it. But the primary reason today’s oligarchs prefer coolie labor? You can treat them like shit and they don’t complain. White men demand to be treated like human beings.

    Boomers don’t get any of this. Boomers’ main problem is that they are myopic and self-centered. They are incapable of seeing anyone else’s viewpoint, so they project their own worldview, circumstances, and desires onto other people. That’s why, if you ever question their beliefs, you just get this blank stare.

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