Escape From California

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2017

The fascist government depicted in John Carpenter’s film Escape From L.A. had some pretty good ideas!

California has degenerated into a Marxist cesspool filled with mongrel savages and assorted non-White filth. To make matters worse, major cities like San Francisco have been over run with homosexuals, drug addicts, the mentally ill and other deranged weirdos. It is home to the awful Jewish run film industry and Jewish run porn industry. The state’s infrastructure is also falling apart. One could go on and on about all the things wrong with the state. Many have wisely endorsed the rising #CalExit political movement that seeks to make California its own separate nation. While this is a good initial first step, I would take it one step further. California should be transformed into the world’s largest open air concentration camp.

Considering that California is already home to such a large number of undesirables, it makes perfect sense to wall it off and use it as a dumping ground for subhuman waste. Picture what was depicted in the 1996 John Carpenter film Escape From L.A.. What the government did to Los Angeles in the movie should be done to the whole state.

People found undesirable to live in the United States would be permanently exiled to this land of the damned. The late comedian George Carlin once did a sketch where he had the idea to create state prison farms. Some of the ideas he presented could be implemented for California. He had some good insight as to the types of people who would qualify for immediate exile. Most of the people he describes would by and large be non-Whites. We’re talking about violent criminals, sex offenders and other degenerates.

Much like the border wall President Trump is getting ready to build for Mexico, there would be an initial commitment involved but the long term savings and benefits would be immeasurable. You’d save tremendous amounts of money on prisons and mental hospitals while simultaneously providing a much safer and more racially pure society for the country.

To all the people whining about human rights, there is an easy solution for that. Before being exiled, each undesirable would have the option of taking their own life by way of assisted suicide. In Escape From L.A. those exiled could choose to take their own life by way of electric chair. This could provide us with a template to model a real program off of. Providing each exiled individual the choice between death and exile should satisfy most hardcore human rights activists.

So there you have it. A final solution to the California problem. I think it makes sense. What do you think?