Erdogan Says if Visas Aren’t Granted to Flood Europe, He’ll Flood Europe Without Visas

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2017

Erdogan, as a singular actor, is the greatest threat to the white race of any man on the planet.

Of course, “the Jews” are a bigger threat, but they are a group – and a group without any cohesive plan beyond “let’s Jew over the goyim.”

Erdogan on the other hand has a gigantic plan to conquer Europe completely and establish a Caliphate that he rules.

This situation with his visa demands is absolutely insane.

Basically, if Europe grants visa free travel to Turks, tens of millions of them will pour in and not leave. Then, he will grant passports to any single Afghan/Paki/Arab/whatever who passes through Turkey, allowing them to legally flood Europe.

And if Europe refuses this, he will just open the gates and flood them anyway.

And no one is criticizing him. Even while he’s openly threatened to murder us on the streets.


The vexed migrant deal between Turkey and the EU to alleviate the refugee flows into Europe will be in jeopardy if Brussels fails to agree on the new visa liberalization scheme to be submitted by Ankara in May, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs has said.

Speaking on the deal’s status to CNN Turk on Saturday, minister Omer Celik argued that Turkey is entitled to the visa waiver by the EU since it has been fulfilling all its obligations under the once-celebrated agreement struck by the EU and Turkey at the heat of the European refugee crisis in March 2016.

He then went on to issue what appeared to be an ultimatum to Turkey’s EU partners, saying that if they want the have agreement in place, they will have to agree to the for visa-free travel proposal to be laid out by Turkey next month.

“If they accept our proposal, the [refugee] deal will be completed in a positive way, otherwise it will come to a standstill,” the minister warned, as cited by Anadolu news agency, without elaborating on what would ensue from the mooted proposal.

Highlighting Turkey’s role in stemming the European refugee flow, Celik claimed that Ankara has rescued the EU, Anadolu cited him as saying.

While the EU-Turkey deal has helped to significantly reduced the number of migrants coming into Europe via Turkey, Ankara has repeatedly threatened to walk out of it, accusing Europe of not sticking to its commitments.

Pursuant to the agreement, Turkey pledged to take back rejected asylum seekers from Greece in exchange for an EU promise to speed up visa liberalization process, galvanize stalled membership talks as well as allocate $3.3 billion in refugee assistance. In addition, the EU pledged to resettle the same number of Syrian refugees that are sent back to Turkey.

One minus one plus one equals one, by the way.

Europe needs to declare Turkey a hostile, enemy state.

But they won’t.

Because brown privilege.