Enterprising Haji Owns Fried Chicken Chain in Detroit, Profits from Hungry Niggers

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

Having suffered from an ongoing nigger infestation since the 1950s, the city of Detroit – once an economic powerhouse and the heart of America’s thriving automobile industry – has gradually transformed into something out of Fallout 4.

Humanoid apes swing from the scaffolding of derelict buildings. Triffids and other exotic plants break through the tiled floors of former opera houses. Politicians can’t seem to go a month without getting involved in scandal and corruption.

Yup, I think it’s fair to say that Detroit’s fate is a depressing one for most people.

But Abdallah Sheik, an Arabian businessman and “glass half full” person, had a different perspective.

Whereas other people saw terminal decline, Abdallah saw cheap real estate. Whereas other people saw millions of blacks that needed to be avoided, Abdallah saw the opportunity of a lifetime.

He saw an untapped market for fried chicken and shrimp.


Abdallah Sheik opened Captain Jay’s Fish & Chicken with a vision of creating a brand worthy of growth and capable of compounding his initial investment. But unlike many other restaurant owners, Sheik also made urban areas his core audience.

Today, he’s focusing on Detroit: Opening stores, hiring staff and conveying with his investment what he calls “a serious and honest effort” to run new businesses in Michigan’s largest city – and one of its poorest.

The Captain Jay’s stores sell typical fresh market items, like bread, milk and juice. But its core business is fish and chicken: Both are sold, in sizes ranging from individual portions to family orders. For an additional fee, staff will fry it and serve it with sides and desserts, like banana pudding and peach cobbler. The setup allows the store to accept EBT cards provided to low income people for food assistance.

The chain started in 2003 in Detroit, opening its first store a year later.

I laughed at the part about “bread, milk and juice.” You just know that Abdallah had to fit those products in there to hide the fact that his business is basically “let’s sell fried chicken to niggers.”

Do niggers even drink milk? Aren’t 75% of them lactose intolerant or something?

Anyway, as you can see from these lines, Abdallah’s business has been a BIG HIT with the local wildlife!

Though this is still Detroit, so even the most beloved establishments need that all-important bulletproof glass:

Now, some readers might be thinking, “Wait a minute, isn’t accepting EBT for hot food prohibited? How does this white supremacist of Arabic descent get away with it?”

Here’s how it works: blacks purchase fresh chicken or fish using their EBT cards, then they pay a $1 fee – in real currency – to have their food fried!

The result: satisfied niggers AND satisfied lawmakers!

I think we can all agree that Abdallah Sheik, whose chain has continued to expand into other colorful cities in Michigan, deserves praise for his raghead-to-riches story. Becoming a successful restaurateur is one thing, but achieving it by exploiting and reinforcing one of America’s oldest and greatest racial stereotypes?


Incidentally, if you’re looking for another dose of “Semites exploiting dumb niggers in Detroit,” then I recommend a reality TV show called Hardcore Pawn. It’s about a bunch of Jews who own a pawn shop on the notorious 8 Mile Road, and it’s basically a treasure trove of TNB.

Good for when the black pills get you down.

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