England: Nearly a Third of All Births are to Foreign-Born Mothers

Daily Stormer
July 21, 2017

Immigration is so beneficial that you can use it as a weapon against people you hate for no reason

Remember that one time, when Germany and Poland were arguing about a patch of dirt that most people can’t find on the map, and a Jew came along and said “Germany causes hurtfeels to Poland and that’s sad,” and then Britain was all like, “Bloody crumpets, you’re right merchant! That is sad – Let’s start a world war over it!” and then tens of millions of people died for essentially no reason?

That was gay.


Of the 696,271 live births in England and Wales recorded for the year, almost 200,000 were to mothers who were themselves born outside the United Kingdom – the highest proportion on record.

Unlike some other European statistical authorities, the ONS does not reveal how many births can be attributed to UK-born mothers who come from a migration background, or to UK-born mothers bearing children for foreign-born fathers, in its figures.

What this means is – in reality, it’s a LOT worse… Or a lot (((better))), opinions may differ depending on whether or not you have a foreskin.

Birth rates in migrant communities tend to be above the national average. Considered alongside annual gross immigration approaching and sometimes exceeding 600,000, this suggests that the United Kingdom will undergo a major demographic shift as older generations begin to pass away and be replaced with migrant and migrant-descended families.

The ONS notes that the percentage of live births in England and Wales to mothers born outside the UK “has increased every year since 1990,” when it was a comparatively modest 11.6 per cent.

Never forget who you’re supposed to thank for this:

All told, the UK population has now reached a record a 65,648,000, driven largely by immigration.

Many establishment commentators have suggested that it absolutely vital that the United Kingdom welcome migrants in large numbers and celebrate high birth rates among migrant communities in order to stave off a demographic disaster.

(((Establishment commentators))) you say… After decades of indoctrinating White children about “overpopulation” and how we’re all gonna starve to death, we’re suddenly switching gears into celebratory mode because the babies born aren’t White… Just a cohencidence, I’m sure.

I won’t say anything about Ehrlich’s ethnic origins, since many of you might get an aneurysm from the shock.

The idea that mass immigration is a viable means of maintaining the so-called “dependency ratio” of people of working age to pensioners at 4:1 has also been challenged.

Home Office experts noted in the International Migration and the United Kingdom: Patterns and Trends report that “The impact of immigration in mitigating population ageing is widely acknowledged to be small because immigrants also age.”

Yeah, that’s not even half of it. Immigration itself could, potentially, be a good thing, but only if it’s small, and if the people immigrating are WHITE. Because those are the only people whose presence makes the place better. The darkie vermin that are flooding all White countries right now are a net loss, because most of them are too stupid to do any kind of work besides menial labor, and they accept payment in Pepsi and cat food for doing it, which is why all (((major corporations))) want them here.

The United Nations Population Division has noted that, in order to maintain such a ratio to 2o50 through immigration, the UK would have to import some 59,722,000 people, increasing the total population to 136 million.

In the 1950s, Nigeria’s population was smaller than that of France. Today, Nigeria’s population is bigger than that of France, Spain and Germany combined.

In the 1950s, Kenya’s population was smaller than that of Belgium. Today, Kenya’s population is bigger than that of Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands combined.

In the 1950s, Ethiopia had a smaller population than Romania. Today, Ethiopia has a larger population than Romania, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic combined.

In the 1950s, there were about 3.5 White people for every Indian (dot) on this planet. Today, Indians outnumber Whites by approximately 1.4 to 1.

In the 1950s, a small group of humanoid rats from the Middle East used their networking and control of key aspects of finance to take over our media, our educational systems and our political systems, and they’ve been actively and successfully working to exterminate us ever since. We should’ve done something about this a long time ago, and we haven’t. And we still aren’t.

How about we start?

Addendum: If you want to read the full article that first quote is from, go here.

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  1. I drop this red pill on normies all the time. The “Rapefugee Welcome” crowd are simply shocktroops for Walmart, Pepsi, Taco Bell, etc.

  2. Walt says:

  3. You don’t say.

  4. That’s a homonym if I’ve ever seen one, holy shit!

    The official policy position of the Alt-Right:


  5. The welfare state cannot be sustained by a dwindling white population forever, when that goes all hell will break loose. Then will follow the day of the rope.

  6. No matter how big the jews role are in the death of Europe, The information is out there. You can find all kinds of red pill shit on fucking Jewgle. Why are so few people redpilled?

    It’s the most obvious thing in the world when you’ve taken the red pill. Are Europeans just too dumb? I hate jews as much as the next brother, but the big majority of people still live in the fantasy world we used to live in. Belivieing in (((democracy)))

  7. I saw a video years back of Muslims marching in England somewhere. There were lots of burka clad women in that group and every single one of them had at least two children, and most had three or four. The video showed the crowd watching, entirely white British people and I saw ONE white child. One. Nobody seemed to understand that they were watching an invading army.

  8. Soon, brothers.


    (The Lion video is worth repeating – many new people haven’t seen it.)

    "You watch those nature documentaries on the cable?  You see the one about lions?  You got this lion, he’s the king of the jungle.  Huge mane out to here.  He’s laying down under a tree, he’s so big, he’s so hot!  He doesn’t wanna move.  Now, the little lion cubs they start messin’ with him, bitin’ his tail, bitin’ his ears, he doesn’t do anything.  The lioness, she starts messing with him, coming over making trouble, still nothing.  Now the other animals, they notice this, and they start to move in.  The jackals, hyenas, they’re barking at him, laughing at him.  They nip his toes and eat the food that’s in his domain.  They do this and they get closer and closer and bolder and bolder, till one day . . . that Lion gets up and tears the shit outta everybody, runs like the wind, eats everything in his path, 'cause every once in a while, the Lion has to show the jackals who he is.

    “It’s too late to be scared.”

    The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.
    — Adolf Hitler

    My people. Share yours.

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