Elderly Hero Distributes Anti-Jew Flyers, Causing Panic in Nearby Synagogue

Daily Stormer
December 24, 2016

His identity is still unknown. But he must have looked something like this.

No matter how many times we do it, it seems that posting flyers always causes a media uproar. These Jews can’t help themselves.

It’s getting to the point where they’re talking about “evil Nazi flyers” basically every week.

Hey, as long as it works, we’ll keep on doing it.

Israel National News:

A man in his 70s is believed to the person who distributed American Nazi Party fliers in residential neighborhoods of Missoula, Montana, police there said.

Well done, sir. We salute you.

Mayor John Engen made the announcement during remarks at the Har Shalom synagogue on Tuesday as part of a news conference for an anti-hate campaign to show support for the Jewish community, the Billings Gazette reported.

“Anti-hate” is always a code-word for “pro-Jew.”


The synagogue last month asked for extra police protection after finding the neo-Nazi literature, which accused Jews of controlling the media, in its neighborhood.

They need police protection! Against mean flyers!

Flyers are a dangerous thing, goyim. Ever get a paper cut? It’s basically a deadly weapon.

The unnamed man, who lives in an assisted living facility, is believed to have downloaded the propaganda and printed it himself. He has not been arrested, and police told the Gazette that they would speak to his family about his activities. Printing and distributing the fliers is not illegal, police said.

It’s not illegal, but the police will still harass his family over it.

The fliers began appearing around town within 24 hours of the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, the Montana Human Rights Network told the Gazette.

Let no one tell you the #TrumpEffect isn’t real.

“The Jews’ purpose is to destroy us and our families from the inside out, slowly and gradually perverting us with their own special kind of poison,” according to the flier.

As part of the anti-hate campaign, titled Light in Every Window, Missoula residents have been asked to put a menorah in their windows to show support for the Jewish community in the wake of the distribution of the fliers.

Yeah, I wonder who’s making money on those menorah sales? Mmmmmh.

In any case, are you going to let an old guy show you up, millennials?

Time to get flyering, boys.

Post this around universities or synagogues. Butthurt 100% guaranteed.