The Education of Richard Spencer

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2016


Richard Spencer has always been milquetoast when addressing the Jewish conspiracy, and aside from that, generally prioritizes manners over bluntness – he is not the type to insult, harass or threaten others, which is why the cross-platform witch hunt against him is a testament to the real motive behind (((those))) paying lip service to civility. He is an intelligent man and now is beginning to embrace and adapt to the spirit of the times, which begs for a revisiting of the substance of the Nationalsocialist blueprint against the born-to-fail conservative model.

As he ventures onto this terrain, he is beginning to realize that the Jew cannot be reasoned with, persuaded, negotiated with, heartened – let this chapter be called the Education of Richard Spencer.


The Jew is a living dichotomy. The brilliance of the Jew lies in his mimicry, in that he can assume any identity without losing his own. The grandchildren of a Volga German immigrating to Wisconsin or Bariloche will be, inside and out, contributing, indistinguishable and submerged members of the communities that took in their forefathers. The Jew, whether through historical socialization, evolution or racial mixing, too possesses this characteristic German ability for adaptation – except the timeless rage against all non-Jewish humanity in his heart never goes away.

To cover for this, the Jew must creep and crawl in the background, letting non-Jewish surrogates do his bidding – for money of course. But what happens when the people victimized by their psychosis begin to name him directly? Direct confrontation, straight talk – what goyim love about Trump and what reminds Jews of Hitler – is where the Jew is at his weakest.


The sophisticated operation of Judah over Western nations has no plausible alibi, as their actions and agendas are morally and politically indefensible. When all is said and done, once you stop believing their press and pseudo-science, all they have to offer is “We’re killing you Goy, you better learn to like it.”

The Jew, who presents himself as the engineer of enlightened ideas and virtuoso of culture and letters, once out of the shadows reverts to his primitive form.

Here is the case of “award winning” Jew corporate media journalist Michael Hirsh as an example :

hirsh2hirsh4 hirsh3

For whatever reason , Hirsh let it rip in a public conversation with other Jews, but anyone who has known or been around Jews can attest to the fact that this is how they talk (and eventually act) when they feel they’re not getting their exact way. Don’t bring these kike “journalists” into your house, don’t tell them where you live, don’t tell them who your family is – if you don’t think they will one day try to hurt you while you sleep, or people you love because they dislike your political views, you are dangerously wrong.


On social media, enough people appear to have made a stink, and Hirsh was fired (although the claims in the media are that he resigned).

What Hirsh did was a crime, and if something like this were to be posted on the Daily Stormer, there would be an FBI investigation. But enough talk about double standards, we have the numbers and the will to drag this out. Richard Spencer must file a police complaint against Michael Hirsh, and if the police refuse to do their job because their higher ups don’t like Spencer’s political views, launch a civil lawsuit and fleece this tapir for all his money.

Someone told me this is Hirsh’s telephone number.

Michael Paul Hirsh