Ebola-Chan Enemies Attacked by Ebola-Chan Deniers

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2018

People of Planet Color can’t for the life of them stand to have huwhitey close anymore.

They don’t trust huwhitey and they don’t like huwhitey.

BBC News:

Health workers tackling an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been severely injured after being attacked by angry residents who believe the virus is not real.

The heretics believe Ebola-Chan isn’t real.

Let them.

It won’t be long before she shows these unbelievers what love looks like.

What could they be angry about, though? They’re receiving gibs. Yeah, vaccine gibs, but a gibs’ a gib.

Four local health workers from the Red Cross were attacked in the city of Butembo as they were transporting dead bodies for burial.

Residents started throwing rocks at their car and two of the health workers were severely injured.

What’s actually angering the “residents” is still a mystery.

You know what it is.

The bodies of people who die from Ebola are believed to be extremely contagious and so burying them in a safe way is one of the most important steps to limit the spread of the virus.

This is often difficult for families and communities to accept, especially when they are used to traditional burial rites where touching dead bodies is common.

Oh, right. Touching. Now it makes sense.

The health workers are disrupting their necrophilia and endocannibalism stuff. If you’re gonna deny a brotha his fair share of brothameat and corpsex fun, you better give one hell of a gibs. Those weird needle liquid things ain’t gon cut it.

It’s pretty clear that whites are not welcomed in Africa, but these ideologuekins are on a suicidal mission to “help” dae black beebops fight their own nature. They want them to change their ways, to change their behavior, to change what they are, in order for them to fit in this Western Clown World.

They do that while thinking they’re some sort of Mother Teresa before her human trafficking days. It’s diabolical.

Meanwhile, due to their hubris, trillions of dollars are wasted on The Land of Color while our people suffer.

I get it.

We get it. We really do. It’s in our nature to want to help and collaborate. The problem is the order in which we do so and the lack of discrimination towards whom we do so.

America first.

Our people have to come first.

Once none of our people need help, they can feel free to look for others to help, as long as helping those new gibs-takers won’t harm our people and actually benefit us too.

We have to make better deals.

But… we don’t need anything from Africans, and we don’t need anything from Mexicans.

They have nothing to offer us.

We have to stop forcing our help into beings that are a net loss for the planet —our planet— and stop this pointless and ridiculous self-sacrifice-suicide-it’s-their-turn-thing that would only leave the world in greater darkness and despair.

How much clearer do these “humanitarians” need the picture to be? Those who they want to help are trying to kill them. But we know they’ll attempt to rationalize it and will end up lying to themselves and screaming how bad white people are for creating the world without consideration for other rich cultures.

They need more education. They need more financial aid. They need more white women to ruin. They need more gibs. Stop.

Just stop.

What they need is to be left alone, far away from us, while we deal with our own problems. While we ensure our own survival. Because noses are sniffing and nooses are up. They’re sniffing for you, neon.

So what is it going to be?

Us or them?

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