Eating Dirt Cures Obesity, Study Finds

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2018

Haitians have been eating dirt cookies for decades, and they’re very trim. They didn’t need fancy researchers to tell them how to fight obesity.

Daily Mail:

Eating a side of a certain kind of dirt with your dinner might help to prevent obesity by flushing fat out of your system, new research suggests.

Australian researchers found that obese rats that ate a certain kind of clay shed more pounds than those that were given a weight-loss drug, a new study reveals.

Could this be the magical obesity pill that will allow weak pieces of shit who can’t control themselves to eat everything in sight without turning into abhorrent celestial bodies?

Abhorrent celestial body.

But wait.

Science also says that the fatter, the better. Why should people avoid obesity if becoming obese increases their fertility?

Are they trying to genocide people by keeping them fit?

For the most part radical diets and cleanses are as crazy as they seem: cabbage cleanses, soy sauce detoxes and turpentine ‘treatments’ are all dangerous and can even turn deadly.

The Soy Sauce Cleanse definitely turned deadly.

But supplementing your diet with dirt, of all things, might actually be beneficial.

Throughout history and certain cultures, people have indulged the rather strange urge to eat dirt.

The practice – called geophagy – is most common among pregnant women and, of course, children.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, described pregnant women consuming soil, and suggested that their children would follow suit.

And the practice has been reported on every continent in the world.

Many cultures – including the majority of the US – file it under disordered eating of non-food things, known as Pica.

However, in the South, it’s a common practice and in 2015, was the subject of the 2015 documentary Eat White Dirt which explores Southerners’ love for chewing on kaolin, a kind of white clay formed from mineral deposits.

African wisdom says eating a pound of white dirt every day keeps the calories away. As with everything except chocolate, white is better than black.

Kaolin is actually found in the drug Kaopectate, an anti-diarrheal.

And anthropological research suggests this is exactly why humans have been drawn to dirt. Throughout history, people seem to have taken up eating soil when there stomachs have been in distress.

But, quite by accident, the University of South Australia researchers found that a different dirt might do much more than quell upset stomachs.

Tahnee Dening, a PhD candidate, was trying to find compounds that could improve the way the body absorbs antipsychotic pills.

I noticed that the clay particles weren’t behaving as I’d expected,’ she said.

Instead of breaking down to release drugs, the clay materials were attracting fat droplets and literally soaking them up. Not only were the clay materials trapping the fats within their particle structure, but they were also preventing them from being absorbed by the body, ensuring that fat simply passed through the digestive system.

‘It’s this unique behavior that immediately signaled we could be onto something significant – potentially a cure for obesity.’

Another low-fat diet, then. Nothing new.

“Preventing the absorption of food prevents weight-gain.”

What’s next? “Not eating cures obesity, study finds”?

We’re burdened by science.

People of color are world-renowned experts on fighting obesity. Just a few months ago we learned about the Water Lilies Diet. Maybe it’s time we take a leaf out of their book to solve the obesity epidemic.

Africans instinctively know what we spend so much time and effort for science to tell us. Are we really more advanced if we need autistic abstractions to tell us obvious stuff that is intrinsic knowledge for others? What else do they know that we are currently ignorant about?

Wuz they really kangz and shiet? 

Live Science:

If you crave a snack of dirt and clay, you may be pregnant.

See what I mean?

All Haitians are pregnant. They multiply like cockroaches. In fact, the more pictures you see of Haiti the more Haitians look like actual cockroaches.

Thanks for stating the obvious, science.