DUI Negress Fatally Hits White Starcucks Employee Who was Cycling to Work

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2019

Antoinette Battle.


Killed by a sheboon with the greatest name of all time!

Seriously tho, his Mexican wife is devastated.


A woman accused of hitting and killing a Sandy Springs bicyclist Wednesday morning while driving under the influence of alcohol was denied bond during her first court appearance Thursday.

Antoinette Battle, 34, faces charges of driving under the influence, reckless driving and first-degree homicide by vehicle, Fulton County court records show. She was arrested after striking and killing Marten Bijvank, a 29-year-old cyclist who was riding his bike to work, Sandy Springs police said.

Bijvank recently graduated from Arizona State University with two degrees, his wife, Valentina Fiorillo, told Channel 2 Action News. Starbucks, his employer, paid for his tuition, she said.

He was riding south on Roswell Road sometime before 5 a.m. when he was struck by a Chrysler sedan driven by Battle, said Sgt. Sam Worsham, spokesman for Sandy Springs police.

The vehicle came to a stop about 100 yards up the road and Battle was taken into custody shortly after officers arrived to the scene. The impact of the collision broke Bijvank’s bike in half and shattered Battle’s windshield.

Marten Bijvank and Valentina Fiorillo.

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  1. be americlap

    die riding to work

  2. Bahahaha oh the great irony of it all and the summary of leftists in a nutshell.

    “Environmentally conscious” beta-bitch working for one of the most arrogant companies on earth and no doubt an entitled virtue-signaler dies by a Drunken Nigger with absolutely 0 shits given.

  3. Pro tip: If you see a negro under age 40 up at 5:00 a.m., you can be fairly certain that they’re still up from the previous evening’s frivolity rather than an early rising go getter.

  4. …in a suburb of Atlanta, a city synonymous with niggerdom.

    There’s nothing wrong with being environmentally conscious, there’s just generally something wrong with the people who are.

    The whole thing is pretty fucked up. He probably married a bean lady because his white female counterparts want nothing to do with him. He worked at Starbucks for free tuition for an excessively overpriced credential so he could become a professor. Wut?

    I’ve seen some pretty outlandish job listings in places like this. Low end starting positions paying $16-18 an hour, many requiring at least some experience, or work as a waiter (or in this case a “barista”) and make $13 plus tips (so a good bit considering tips). It’s like the other industries have yet to adjust.

    I’m not exaggerating; I saw one that required 4 years in a very specific field (BMET) and said “certifications preferred”. $19/hr. The average pay for a BMET I is $53k a year, about $25/hr. This was in Portland, a somewhat expensive city, that has a min wage of $12.50. And if someone has certifications and four years of experience. their not going to still be a level 1 in any field.

  5. UnCL3 says:

    Yeah, but this is still a win-win. One offed soy boi and one nigger in jail.

  6. Trust me I live 45 min from atlanta it is a cancer tumor of niggers and faggots in a great state.

  7. Imagine being 29 years old and still making coffees for a living. And imagine actually getting an online degree from Arizona State University and believing it was worth something, lol.

  8. That is the fate of many in my generation. At least he was trying. He wasn’t succeeding, but he was trying. I can’t lol at this. I just can’t.

    This kid was a meme. It was a funny meme, and it was certainly true. Now it is a sad meme.

  9. There are plenty of mean things I would have been willing to say, and directly to his face, when he was alive. Bringing up his borderline castiza taco wife would have maybe made the top 20, but not the top 10. There’s dudes his age in Sandy Springs that are FAs, or shacked up with white women that weigh more than Matt Heimbach and have babies by a plurality of different Bankhead niggers.

    Now that he is dead? I don’t think that being cruel or trying to take joy in his death is a productive exercise. He was a white male victim of globohomo, cradle to crave.

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