Dublin: Roving Gang of 50 Youths Attack Locals with Crowbars and Baseball Bats

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

“Youths” is a codeword for “teens,” btw.

It warms my heart to see so much vibrancy coming out of the Emerald Isle.

That street-shitting faggot PM really is doing a bang-up job over there.

Infowars Europe:

A roving gang of roughly 50 ‘youths’ have carried out a slew of attacks in a Dublin suburb in recent weeks, according to Irish media.

The gang, which is being called the ‘Pesties’ but refer to themselves as the ‘Ongar Ni**as,’ has been targeting locals in Dublin 15 for random beatings with crowbars and baseball bats, the Irish Sun reports.

Most recently, four teenage boys were ambushed while eating in a Chinese restaurant, with a mob of violent assailants storming into the business to rob and batter diners.

“(The attack) was actually inside the Chinese [restaurant] while they were minding their own business eating dinner,” a relative of one victim told the Sun. “(It was a) totally random attack like they’ve been attacking everyone else.”

“They ran by the window staring in and came back five minutes later and smashed through the doors, tried to rob their phones that were sitting on the table. They battered (my relative) with a metal chair as well.”

Police confirmed the attack had occurred in a statement, but have made no arrests despite the ongoing crime wave that has been attributed to the group.

“Damage was done to the restaurant. No arrests were made and investigations are ongoing,” said a Garda spokeswoman.

The gang is described by locals as “vicious and aggressive with many in the D15 area fearing that its only a matter of time until they kill someone in one their attacks,” according to The Liberal, which refers to Dublin 15 as a “culturally enriched” area.