Drats! Based Chinaman Attempts and FAILS To Poison His Quadroon Roommate

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2018

Think about what his father must be thinking now.

Something along the lines of, “my son is a failure.”

“Back in my day, we never got caught for mercury-poisoning our roommates and knocking them down a few IQ points before the big placement tests.”

Also, the nigger in question looks goofy and probably had it coming.

According to his Twitter feed, he was working on a mixtape. This probably distracted the Asian kid, who wanted to focus on his Chemistry work, not listen to this nigga freestyle.

South China Morning Post:

Yukai Yang, a 22-year-old chemistry major, slowly sickened his roommate with thallium and possibly other chemicals, lacing his food and drinks over the course of several months last spring, prosecutors said.

Yang will be charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and other offences, according to Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, who called the allegations “weird and bizarre”.

Thallium is odourless and tasteless, and can be fatal in humans. The soft metal is used internationally in electronics manufacturing and for other purposes. It once was used in rat poison in the US, but has been banned for that use since the 1970s.

Yang’s roommate, Juwan Royal, experienced progressively worse symptoms that included dizziness, shaking and vomiting, and his blood tested positive for thallium. Royal, who has since graduated, continues to suffer symptoms, authorities said. 

Lol. Sounds to me like he almost got away with it, too!

Yang was already facing an ethnic intimidation charge for allegedly scrawling racist graffiti in their dorm room. Royal is black.

Quadroon, I’d say. Which makes him 3 parts shitlib and 1 part baboon by my reckoning.

His Twitter is all typical shitlibery.

But I’m no chemist. Clearly, the Chinaman must have made the formula for a mulatto instead of a quadroon, which is why the special potion failed.

In my opinion, this just means he should have studied harder

A lot of these East Asian types think they can just slack around in the whole race department and focus on book smarts because they’ve been surrounded their whole lives by Chinamen. This was ultimately Yukai’s downfall as well.

Neon-Nazi websites should be considered non-optional, supplementary reading for all Chinese high school students planning on studying abroad in the West. These sheltered kids need someone to tell it to them straight and give them a firm understanding of all the finer aspects of niggery and how to deal with it when they come to the West.

In fact, I’ve got my people working on a contract with the Communist Party of China as we speak to add the Stormer to the Chinese curriculum as we speak. 

If we can prevent more tragedies like the one that befell Yukai, I will consider my effort and all my work up to this point absolutely worth it!