Downy Swedish Girl Bullies Whole World Into Giving Up Technology to Stop Alleged Weather Changes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2019

It appears that apart from Jews and women, the third-largest group responsible for ruining society are the literally mentally handicapped. I’m talking Downs people. I’m talking about the mentally and physically deformed.

We live under a Tard Occupation Government (TOG), and for the longest time nobody wanted to admit it because everyone feels bad about tards even existing. But enough is enough, and at the rate things are going, they’re going to force kids to learn about the Tardocost and the 6 million shoah’d chromosomes in schools soon.

For now though, TOG is just focusing on shilling climate change.


The Times says her speech to politicians at Westminster has inspired Britain to act on climate change.

The paper says she made the Environment secretary, Michael Gove, feel guilty about his generation’s failure to address the problem.

The Metro sums up Mr Gove’s response as “Greta, We Hear You”.

The Guardian’s editorial says nobody could have predicted that a Swedish teenager would shift the global climate debate in the way she has, since beginning her schools strike in Stockholm.

It argues that “Greta is in the process of doing humanity a huge favour”.

I think if anyone ever wanted to know the extent to which normal people would go to not make a retard feel bad and sperg out in their company, this is a very good case example. This also appears to be the climate activist movement’s preferred method of coercion.

They pull it on politicians all the time. 

The Alt-Right made a lofty claim back in 2016 after Donald Trump won the US Presidency.

“We have successfully weaponized autism!” they crowed.

So the Left got to work and began working on weaponizing every other mental illness and handicap. Greta is no doubt the result of a successful CIAnigger experiment to counter the Right’s incredible meme potential.

We’re going to see more and more weaponized tards coming out of the shadows in months to come to shill for the Leftist agenda.

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  1. Unfortunately it’s impossible to stop technology

  2. YES.

    People need to understand the threat retards pose.
    The left has weaponized the “developmentally disabled.”

    Vagrancy, homelessness, drugs, “stranger danger,” child molestation, voter fraud…

    The mentally ill and disabled are the biggest single bolt in the left’s quiver.

    Did you know that “people,” who cannot eat a hotdog without choking to death on it, are entitled to vote?

    Do you have any idea how much money is spent on retards to weaponize them? Most retards are on social security.
    Medical costs are through the roof due to these “people.”
    These “people” do shit like eat batteries and get run to the ER.

    Do you have any idea how many 911 calls are the result of retards?

    Do you have any idea how many immigrants places like Goodwill employ to care for retards?

    Someday I’m afraid I’m going to say “Fuck it,” and doxx myself and share how I know what I know.

    Retards are the single biggest problem in society.

    The Americans with disabilities act is the single most destructive piece of legislation that has ever been passed.

    NAFTA? Immigration laws?
    Small beer in comparison.

    Nothing comes close to the social and economic destruction brought about by the disabilities act.

  3. Hahaha, good lord!

    Being disabled is like something people strive for now. Its seen as a free ticket to a life of leisure. People get on it and, even if they weren’t disabled before, they get so fat and lazy that they will never do anything for themselves again. All those track pants wearing slobs you see riding the scooter at Walmart are doing so on the backs of everyone who works for a living.

  4. Climate Change (they had to change the term because no one believed the term Global Warming) is caused by humans, specifically… Over 1 billion Indians many of whom shit in the street and cook on wood fires. And over 1 billion Chinese that don’t care about the air they breath or the garbage they dump into the ocean.
    Tell me again how Europeans and Americans can solve the problem created by over 2 billion Asians?
    I’d say there are too many people in the world. Perhaps a billion Africans, a billion Indians, and a billion Chinese would do their part and stop breathing.

  5. Yeah, I’ve got that one too … plus a final one that really presses the matter home :


  6. You have me “Laugh In” with this…

  7. I’m not talking about slobs or welfare bums.

    I’m talking about honest to God, genetically deformed, actually drooling on themselves, helmet wearing retards.

    People who can’t chew their own food, let alone speak or read, get to vote.
    With “assistance,” of course.

  8. If these ppl were serious, they’d talk facing the East…

    …but this is really just about bludgeoning white westerners

    So here we are 🤷🏼‍♂️

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