“Don’t Attack Firemen” Ads Run in France – With the Aggressors All White

Diversity Macht Frei
March 23, 2018

Attacks on public officials are an ever-growing problem in France. The Afro-Arab colonist population sees representatives of the state as racial, and often religious, adversaries. The problem affects firemen in particular since they have to respond to call-outs but have no weapons with which to defend themselves. Often, members of the brown-skinned community set up ambushes for them. For example, they will set fire to a bin then wait for the firemen to arrive before bombarding them with stones.

With a series of television advertisements, the French government is now trying to sensitise people to the issue. “Touche pas à mon pompier!” means “Don’t touch my fireman!”.

What kind of country is it where people have to be persuaded not to attack firemen? A country undergoing invasion.

But look at the aggressors in these videos. They’re all white.

Firemen deploy more than 4.5 million times to help you, to protect you, to rescue you.

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