Donation Drive for Appalachian Forest Fire Victims

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016


Yesterday, we published a piece about how Jews and blacks are laughing at the white victims of the Appalachian fires.

Today, I would like to invite you to contribute to a donation drive some good goys have put together to help out our brothers and sisters in yonder mountains.

We need to support our people in the way all these other races support theirs.

As the fires rage in the Southern Appalachians, leaving many NC and TN residents homeless and dependent on charity for the most basic needs, we are putting out the call to our brothers and sistersĀ across the land (and globe) to give till it hurts. These good mountain folk have been widely ignored and spurned by coastal elites as their homes and lives are destroyed. They need our help.

Once the fundraising driveĀ has completed, funds will be used to purchase (via an online retailer) necessitiesĀ like nonperishable food, diapers, and clothing, as well as comfort items for children. The order(s) will be shipped to one or a few locations in the area receiving relief deliveries. (Update: this is contingent on whether local spots are still accepting in-kind d’nations. If not, then a monetary gift will be given to the Dollywood Foundation’s My People Fund

The fundraiser will wrap up on Sunday (12/4/16) night at 11:59:59 EST, so give early and often!

In the comments, mention which website or podcast you’re d’nating on behalf of, and the winner will get bragging rights into the Next Current Year.

So you hear that – this is a giving contest.

Represent Daily Stormer! Note that you our doing it in our name!

We need to win this!

We are the most generous Nazis of all!

Donate here!

Note that you can donate anonymously.